Monday, September 30, 2013

Creating Chaos

It sure has been a manic manifesting Monday!

The day started out calm and beautiful with a gorgeous sunrise picture and Haiku for part of my daily creative practice:

Pink, fluffy, lovely
A beautiful tapestry
Renewing spirit

I met with my wonderful Manifesting Monday's group to look at goals for the week.  I realized that I accomplished a lot last week but not anything that I had planned so I regrouped and re-prioritized for this week.  I headed out to another meeting this time with my sweetheart Joe.  After that I was off to life at the Y with Ellen (a big thanks to her for dragging me out - I was feeling wimpy and waffling on going) and was pleased with my shoulder (even though I really de-loaded the weight to be safe).  Then it was already time for afternoon carpool!  After the kids were collected it was time to work on projects.  Sammie is prepping for an upcoming art project through the PTA and School so we had to pick up her prints at Costco and run by a friend's house to get a couple of opinions of which 5 to submit (she's a prolific photographer).  Then off to Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Home Depot to pick up supplies for an APArt Project that Alex has been working on for Habit for Humanity.  Both she and her dad did a project to help this organization.  They will be displayed at this weekend's Norcross Art festival.  I haven't seen Alex's yet, but here's a glimpse of Joe's....
 I did manage to squeeze in an important business call that needed to be checked off the To do list and check in on a couple of friends.  Oh and thanks toRuth Schowalter
and her clear directions I was able to add a button to my blog since I'll be starting the Blogtoberfest tomorrow with several friends :)
I'm feeling a bit chaotic with all the activity so I'm about to check out for the night with a nice bath and a bit of reading before heading to sleep.
I hope y'all had a Marvelous Manifesting Monday!


  1. Wow, what a fantastic dragon picture..Sounds like you had and are going to have a busy week. Glad you got the blog button figured out. I finally did but differently then Ruth said. but it works...I think..I still want to do some Zentangles before I settle in for the night...Have a good first day of October..looking forward to reading your blogs...

  2. Thanks Darlene - I am loving your Zentangles - I've only had the opportunity to do them once at a Women's retreat - did you take a class? or start with a book?
    Your Zentangles are calling to my doodler :)