Saturday, September 14, 2013


The logo for the local Atlanta Interplay group

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”
                                                                                                                            -George Bernard Shaw

          InterPlay is an artform that anyone can do! Through easy incremental forms, participants are invited into movement, song, story and connection. InterPlay is taught in an affirmative and welcoming environment where the unique expression of each individual is honored and celebrated.

          Why InterPlay? InterPlay creates a space for our bodies to tell the stories within them. In our busy world we receive so much information it can be hard to to hear the voice that is ours! In InterPlay we practice listening and respecting our own creative voice. In our daily lives our interactions with others are often a quick email, a text, a demand. InterPlay creates a time to slow down and listen to others in an affirmative way. InterPlay allows us to be seen in our beautiful complexity and to remember we are enough as we are. Healthy interactions in InterPlay can help us to playfully engage in life and remember to honor the authenticity that is us.

          Why InterPlay? It is fun!!

The above is from a flyer that my new friend Jennifer Denning created to promote workshops that she facilitates.  Workshops that I will soon facilitate.

I LOVE Interplay!  I have for years now.  It was introduced to me by my dear friend Sheila at an annual women's retreat we both participate in Texas.  Usually I get to participate in interplay about twice a year if I'm lucky.  Years ago Sheila had asked me to become a facilitator and at the time I was not able to due to work and family commitments.  At the last fall women's retreat that I attended in Texas I realized that it was time!  I wasn't sure how that was going to work since Sheila lives in Pittsburg and I now live near Atlanta.  But isn't the universe amazing.  Within two weeks of the retreat (where I stated my intention) Sheila received a call from the founder of interplay Cynthia Winton-Henry asking her to be a part of an upcoming Leader training series in Atlanta!!!  Yahoooo!!! I love it when things line up easily and effortlessly and it's clear which direction you should go.

With this news Sheila put me in contact with Jennifer so I could meet the local Atlanta interplay group - and I was delighted to be able to go to a play workshop in August.  It's so great to meet new friends and have amazing experiences together from the beginning.

Interplay lead to my current company.  The three amazing ladies that are staying with us are in town for a women's conference at Spellman University about wellness.  They are presenting an interplay workshop tomorrow for the conference and then Monday there is a workshop for the public facilitated by Soyinka. 


Today I worked on an invite for a play shop coming to Norcross.  We're going to gather at the Lionheart theatre on Saturday the 21st at 10am and participate (or witness) interplay!  I hope that if you are able you will join us.  I'm looking forward to sharing Interplay with my friends and family and getting a chance to participate in this art form on a much more regular basis.  

Creating joy,


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