Sunday, September 29, 2013

Creating a Week in Pictures :)

My painting in Progress - wanting more attention :)

My lifting buddy and friend, Ellen
Lizzy Drumming

Lizzy, Dillon & Sammie

Celebrating Jazlyn & Jocelyn

Dillon trying on my hat and goofing off for a picture

Something to add to the wish list :)

Seeing the moon at sunrise :)

Before the Parade 

My troop before the parade they lead @100 girl scouts from the Duluth Service Unit       

a little over 1/2 my troop at Grandma Bells this weekend :)
A beautiful setting for tadpole catching and fishing
Hot dogs and S'mores of course

Stories and Songs

Sammie  relaxed and fishing


  1. Oh my gosh...your scouting pictures bring back so many memories...Looks like you had a great time...and I love your painting in progress...

  2. Looking at the tapestry of your life is like looking at a star filled sky of shooting stars and fireworks! Beautiful and evoking oooooohs and aahhhhhhssss.