Sunday, September 22, 2013

Creating a Poem for Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox

The day our light matches our dark
A day for thin sweaters and shorts
The sweet smell of crisp autumn in the air
 Sunlight glistens on leaves that turned colors over night
 Possibilities of Fall tempt our senses
Hiking, Camping, Fall sports that bring out the masses
Breathe in Balance
Breathe out contentment
A sleepy hammock invites us to pause and read a book or nap
The grass is slowing down and so are we
The season calls to us of family
Thinking to the future of upcoming holidays
Yet enjoying the peace of the moment
A moment that includes fall produce
Mmmm pumpkins, squash, spices to fill the air
Like the chants of the cheer leading team
Fall is a time for snuggles
The time for new relationships and the strengthening of old
It is a time for remembrance
How lucky we are that the Harvest is in and it was plentiful
Gratitude for Mother Earth and all her blessings.

A Picture from our Hike on Panther Creek Trail in North Georgia

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  1. Thanks for calling forth the Fall and bidding farewell to summer! You did it so poetically!