Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cleaning and Creativity

This morning as I take my time getting started, I'm sitting here enjoying a cup of my favorite Ceylon Black Peach Tea and contemplating my day.  After the very late night blog post I wanted to start my day with creativity.  I've been playing with this for the past two weeks since I've started blogging daily.  It truly does make a difference with my day when I lead with creativity at the forefront.  Just like it makes a difference to me when I lead with my Yoga and meditation/prayer time.  So this morning I jumped out of bed contemplating writing my blog first thing this morning before I cleaned the house.  Great wisdom you say, or procrastination - probably a little of both!

As I ran outside barefooted in my house dress to take a picture for you all of my beautiful flowers in my front yard - I laughed.  I laughed with the joy of looking for beauty to share.  I smiled with the feeling that creativity wells up in me even when it's something little like trying to get a decent picture with my iphone.  

Today is a day for cleaning around the Gautreaux Gang Hideout.  I made some headway this week in between fun activities but I want to get some deep cleaning done including shampooing carpets and dusting ceiling fans (yuck). I may have out of town company next weekend and I love having an impetus for getting major cleaning tasks done.  I've always had a love/hate relationship with cleaning my house.  I LOVE to have a clean house - It makes me feels like I can breathe when the Fung Shway is flowing and I have the space to create.  Of course I hate am not a fan of getting it there.  Especially since I live with a house full of artists and anytime the house is completely clean it seems everyone gets the same bug to immediately create a new mess project in honor of the cleanliness!  So this has always been one of my challenges in regard to liking/loving the process.  I love Flylady who shared this banner this week:

Of course today it will be way more than 15 minutes to bring La Casa back into balance between the laundry and floors.  So what am I going to do about it?  This morning I decided I was going to clean with creativity!  I have loved remembering over the past two weeks how much creativity I have in my life between my family, writing, cooking, playing, exercising, friends and actual artwork.  Today I'm going to apply it to cleaning - I decided one of the things I can do is sing while I clean -since I've been wanting to practice for the upcoming Secrets workshop for Interplay.  I've also decided to keep my eyes open for neat picture opportunities within my house to create memes and such for the blog.  Of course the trick with this one will be not going off on a tangent of photography which (in my opinion) is so much more fun than the original tasks.  I'm going to reward myself tonight by going to the Art on the Atlanta Beltway Lantern Parade with the family - We've never been and it looks fabulous,  So I'm off to get my chores done and even as I write this I'm in a happy place thinking about leading with creativity!

Happy Saturday Friends,


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  1. Dear Christine, your joy of life is contagious! I'm so excited to be sharing this blogging journey with you. I'm also anticipating the upcoming Secrets workshop with excitement and curiosity. I am so glad that I will have the opportunity to get to know you better.

    Hurray for acts in progress!

    It was great seeing you at the Lantern Parade on the Beltline!