Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creating Memories

Whew - I think I waited a bit too long to write tonight!  I'm ready to crawl into bed (7pm) and read the new book I started and get an early start on a good night's rest!  
Alex (15) cooked a great dinner tonight of 
Thai beef curry - It's so fun to have a daughter who wants to be a professional chef :)  I decided due to lack of brain cells tonight I will share past fun projects and a picture of a tree that I love :)  I did manage to create an invite for Art night tonight since a couple of people have asked recently and I've been missing them too!  So if you're in the ATL area and would like to join up - please do! 

Here is the link to the details: http://www.evite.com/event/017AUHLGNNPHRMID6EPDEVWUSDFEYA

Me in my favorite tree in Fort Clinch State Park

I love this photo I took of Joe and Sammie on the beach at Sunset

A family tradition to create Nut Tocies for special occasions such as holidays
One of the nature necklaces we made on Amelia Island

An owl rock I painted for a friend :)

A watercolor I did an an art night
Goodnight Y'all!



  1. I feel your warm presence in the photos you have posted of your abundant life. Thanks for filling me with the beauty that you create in your life.