Monday, September 2, 2013

Manifesting Mondays

Recently a group of friends and I starting gathering for a Manifesting Monday's group that I facilitate.  This is a one hour goal and positive accountability group to help us focus in on our dreams and what we want to create.  It's based loosely on Jack Canfield's book The Success Principles - How to get from where you are to where you want to be. Today was our 3rd time to meet.  One of the things that we fill out is a victory log that has blank lines (19) for you to write your weekly successes down - for me it's about giving gratitude and thanks also.  This week my page was overflowing!!!  It was such a busy and full week.  When I looked at what was different about this week several things stood out - This week I led with creativity!  With Ruth Schowalter's
encouragement and inspiration I began blogging daily which activates my creativity early in the day and helps me to have fun!  Sometimes when I lead with the "shoulds" I get bogged down in drudgery and we all know that leads to stinky moods.  That being said I do confess that a few more "shoulds" need to happen soon or my children will be in danger of having nothing clean to wear to school :)  The other thing I did this week was dance and dance some more with my sweetheart as some of you know from yesterday's post.  Filling my soul plate this week also included connecting with good friends for great conversation, snuggle time with my girls and volunteering/advocating for a great program I believe in - our public schools Fine Arts program.  Throw in some great exercise and reading Sheila's terrific book ( and I declare last week a success in so many ways!!!  So today on Manifesting Monday and Labor Day I pause to think about the week ahead and what adventures await me.  I'd love to hear what you are wanting to create in your life?

Creating Happiness,


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  1. Gosh! I am all tingly and full of ideas after reading your blog for today. Thanks for the "shout out" to me about encouraging you to write blogs daily. You are, in turn, supporting my endeavor to do the same.

    I love the idea of your group. It sounds fun, supportive, worthwhile, and stimulating!

    Thanks for the book suggestions!