Friday, September 6, 2013

Fabulous Friday & Meatball Madness :)

I just found this picture and thought it was too funny since it's 11:02 pm and I'm writing my daily blog before Midnight so it counts for today!

Today has been a fabulous Friday full of fitness, friendship and fun!

The morning starting with my usual routine which includes Rodney Yee and Morning Yoga.
After a delightful morning with my girls and car pool.

My neighbor and friend Ellen & I headed to our YMCA to lift weights. We've been doing the strong lift program so today was Squats, Bench Press and Barbell Row.  We love being strong women!!! 

After the Y we headed off to the Decatur Farmer's Market - What a treat! 

Terrific food, International choices and interesting people.  We were on a mission.  The plan - buy the supplies to do a big "cook" for some freezer meals.

After our shop and lunch we headed to Ellen's house to cook.  Let me tell you this woman is a master!  I learn something every time I am with her and as a bonus she is fun and funny to hang out with.  Today was chicken meatball creation day :)

We had a fun time creating Asian Meatballs for two meals (one set to go with Lion's Mane that was served for dinner tonight) 

Indian Masala Meatballs for two meals for the freezer and Italian Meatballs x 2 also.

If it wasn't nearing midnight I would give you a hint of the recipes and pictures which would have to be of them in my freezer since we didn't document the actual process (*reminder for next time*).

Ellen held down the fort while the meatballs cooked and I scurried back and forth for afternoon carpool.

We wrapped up in time for me to head home for dinner - which was already cooked (yeah us!) and delicious!!!

Next I headed off to book club.  Can I just say that I love my book club!  It was our first meeting in a while since we took the summer off and it was so nice to reconnect with these fantastic women.  They are witty, smart and just all around amazing.  As we sat around on my friend Irina's back deck in the candlelight, with the nice summer breeze carrying the sound of our laughter out into the world I took a moment to look around and give gratitude for how lucky I am. 

I have an amazing support group and network of friends.  In my neighborhood, in my city and on the web.  I am Thankful for each and every one of them and for each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog - even when it's just a recitation of what I did today since it appears that for this morning person this time of night is waaaaay to late to write with any creativity :)

Wishing you a good night and sweet dreams on this fabulous Friday,



  1. I love reading about your daily life. It is so versatile with physical, emotional and creative all wrapped into one fun day...I too am an early person so can relate to the late night stuff...