Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Creating Fun & Celebration

So today was a bit out of the ordinary - It was early release day for the elementary & middle schools for conferences and my friend Candace (a second grade teacher) asked me if I would watch her two precious kids - well Yes!  Since we're no longer at the elementary school I miss my regular visits with this amazing family so we were all delighted to have them over for some fun!  A few things we created - songs on the drums, songs on the guitar, computer games, and silly songs.  Afterwards we all went out to help another couple of special friends celebrate their 12th birthday. 

Lizzy & Dillon rocking the squid hats - Sammie photo bombing!

Squid Pic #2  :)

My friend Lisbeth with her girls Jazlyn & Jocelyn!  Happy 12th birthday!!

Today is also my Nanny's 86th birthday!  Nanny lives in Center, Tx in the log home my Papa built for her when he retired.  They have a love story for the ages and were married for over 50 years when my papa died.  In the picture below Nanny is a young woman in love holding the photo of her sweetheart who is off at war world II - my papa.  I have some other amazing photos I will scan in one day and dedicate a whole blog to their love story.  In the meantime - I spoke with my Nanny today - my Aunt Ann and Uncle Sam were in town and taking her out to eat for her birthday.  She was excited about how many calls she had gotten today and got a little happy teary.  Nanny loves having her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren around and was asking how soon she would get to see us.  

I love you Nanny & I'm so glad you were born!!! 



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