Sunday, September 8, 2013

Satisfying Soul Sunday

What a yummy weekend!

Last night the crew and I went to the Beltline in Atlanta to participate in a lantern walk.

To say it was incredible feels like an understatement.  There were well over a thousand people with creative lanterns gathered together to kick off the Art on the Atlanta Beltline temporary exhibit.  

The lantern parade was at least a mile long as we walked (sometimes danced and skipped) along the Eastside trail heading towards Peidmont Park.  At one point pretty early on we began walking next to a fun-loving woman who was touting a portable music player and dancing her way down the path/parade route to popular music - the kids were in heaven!

As I looked around at the magical and creatively lit night I spotted Ruth & Tony who were witnessing this spectacular event!  What a treat!  We had hurried introductions, a quick hello and snapped photo by Ruth (Thank you!!) before we took off again to catch up with the music!
Picture that Ruth took :)  Sammie is in front, Kilt wearing Joe, Alex, our friend Eva and myself

The whole world Lantern :)

Picture Sammie took before the parade started - I know it's "blurry" but I love it!  It's a star lantern swinging :)             

I'm guessing in total we walked about 5 miles - it was a beautiful night!  One of my favorite moments was when a violinist joined us in the parade and played with the "jam box" and totally rocked out some popular songs as he walked.  It was magical and my girls (who are strings players) LOVED it!  We got back to la casa after 11pm.  

Joe and I had made plans to go together to the early service this morning at UUCA.  I was impressed with the fact that we made it after our late night.  This morning service was about Praise music UU style!  Let me tell you - pure awesomeness ensued!  We had so much fun and felt so full of joy afterwards we decided to stay for round two of the second service!  So two full services full of song and thanks giving.  I know I stated in yesterday's blog that I wanted to practice my singing for the upcoming Interplay so Voila it is done!

This afternoon we tuned in to see Lissa Rankin's PBS special Mind over Medicine - Wow!  She's awesome and I highly recommend you check out her book - I've been following her for a while now on FB and she's great! 

What has not gotten completely done yet is the house - sigh.  I did get to watch a beautiful web being spun yesterday in the sun when I went outside to clean the cobwebs off my back window.  The spider releasing the web out into the universe with no apparent destination (just going on faith) was magical.  I toted Sammie to and from her photography class and I'm loving seeing her enthusiasm and joy for this new hobby (she took the above world photo).  Alex hung out with friends and had been cooking treats today.  Joe is currently enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap.  So all is well with the Gautreaux Gang on this beautiful sunny afternoon in Georgia just as I hope all is well with you.

What have you been up to this weekend?



P.S. I loved this picture of Joe and I from last night :)


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