Friday, September 20, 2013

Creating Calm

Full Harvest Moon this morning from my back deck through the trees
 My Day started out with a beautiful full Harvest Moon sighting :)  I had gotten a glimpse of it the night before but enjoyed seeing it again to start my day.  Did my morning Yoga and off went the day!  Got a lot accomplished (with always more to do - ha ha) but one of the more exciting things was my first ever guitar lesson!!!  I've been wanting to do this for years and I found out my neighbor teaches and was willing to 1. loan me a guitar until I find one I like/can afford 2. walk across the street and give me a lesson!  Win! Win! all the way around.  We've been trying to sort schedules for months so it was a treat today when we pulled it off and I got to play.  The big dilemma is whether I learn right handed or left handed.  I'm a lefty.  However, I do a lot of things right handed.  We had not discussed this ahead of time so he brought me a right handed guitar (I didn't even know there were left-handed ones!).  It was a little challenging. What I need to figure out though is if it was challenging because I'm a beginner and don't speak this other language called music (even though my kids are proficient) or if it is because I need to switch to a lefty guitar.  If any of you readers out there have input I'd love to hear it!  

Tonight we're staying tucked in the house and creating a sense of calm and deep breathing before the weekend.  I'm going to make this entry short and sweet to go spend some snuggle time with my crew.  I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's Interplay at the Lionheart theatre - 10am - Noon.  I hope you can come play with us!

Hope to see you in Norcoss tomorrow!

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  1. I'm a lefty too! I'm not surprised to discover you are to! About playing any stringed takes time and patience. I'm sure it is great for creating new synapses in your brain! Left handed or right handed? Hmmmmm...I had the same question when I tried to learn how to play golf. Good luck!

    Looking forward to InterPlay with you.