Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sprint through 40 :)

Before the first race!

Over five years ago I made the decision to compete in a triathlon in honor of my 40th birthday.  At that time I gave myself two years to prepare and invited friends and family to join me in improving our health and celebrating a fun milestone.  I for sure needed all of those two years since I needed to learn how to swim (besides doggie paddle) and at one point I had to recover from a serious ankle injury.  I competed in and completed my first sprint triathlon (1/3 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 3.2 mile run) at Indian Springs State Park in 2010. I had a huge support group both online and in person including several dear friends, my parents, sister and my Aunt Rosie from Texas who flew in - it was fabulous!  Joe competed with me which was a huge motivator even though he didn't catch me until half way through the run (he thought it was going to be much sooner) he ran with me the rest of the way and let me cross the finish line first - what a partner/coach/sweetie!  In that raced I surprised myself and earned a 3rd place metal for my division - I was hooked. 

The amazing support group!

The next year I participated in the Iron Girl Sprint at Lake Lanier - this was an all girl race so Joe was with Alex and Sammie cheering me on

Before the IronGirl Sprint - It was brrrr cold that morning!
After the race - yeah!!!

Last summer due to a big project in Texas and various camp schedules for the girls I did not schedule a race.  I was still training but did not have an event on the calendar.  2013 - In January I participated in the Run For Chocolate 5k with my friend and Tuesday/Thursday running buddy Heather and then I geared up my training for an Olympic distance/ intermediate distance triathlon.  This race is a 1500 meter lake swim (right at a mile), 24.5 miles on the bike and a 6.2 mile run.  Since the completion of my first triathlon I've had this race and distance in my sights.  I joined a master's swim class with group coaching at the West Gwinnett Aquatic Center to improve my stroke and increase the likelihood of my survival during the long swim :)  I also biked with my friends Cheryl and Lee on a regular basis at the Big Creek Greenway and on the weekends with Joe and continued my runs with Heather.  It was a little challenging to maintain training due to a long trip to Texas at the end of May and first of June for a friend's medical school graduation, Flipside Festival, My mom's two retirement parties, Mom's birthday and my parent's anniversary celebration! Thank goodness I had inked the race in the calendar and paid the fee so I was committed!  So in celebration of my 43rd birthday on June 22nd we got up really early to travel to Newnan, GA. The super moon was just setting on the horizon and the drive was magical.  I have to say the whole experience was great.  Joe and the girls braved the early morning hour and the sun to cheer me on!  It was a lovely setting and since it was a new course/race there was a nice size group of participants but not overwhelming crowds.   Even as I type this blog, I'm chuckling to myself, for you see, I can't tell you my times.  I never looked them up!  I was so happy to complete this distance and this race with the added bonus of winning 1st in my category/division I forgot to look them up.  I may have to go do that!  But for now I'm just pleased with the completion of an activity that I worked hard for and enjoyed immensely in the process.  

What big goal have you completed lately that makes you feel great?  

Cheering you on,


Coming out of the lake after the long swim!

Alex took this picture of me coming in on the bike after the 24.5 hilly bike ride.

Running towards the finish line and the completion of a goal!


  1. I applaud you! It must be grueling to compete in those type races or any race fro that matter...I am just trying to keep my body from atrophying with basic yoga and walking and soon belly dancing so kudos to you!Keep it up.

  2. Great blog with such an inspirational narrative and interesting photos. How empowering all of the training and competition must be. You are so fortunate to have the support too.