Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Creating wellness

Our group last night
Today has been a day for creating wellness in my life.  I had an amazingly full and long weekend with out of town guests, Sammie's photography class, an international festival, an unexpected church picnic and so much more.  Yesterday we said goodbye to two of our guests, LaVerne and Tony after a delightful lunch that Soyinka cooked.  I was sad to see them leave.  It is such a treat to meet such amazing women who inspire you through being themselves.  We finished the evening at Little Five Points participating in an Interplay Race Dance facilitated by Soyinka.  It included music, dance, storytelling, movement, singing and so much more.  To say it was rich seems like an understatement.  Joe went with me and both of us agreed it was one of those things that touches you at your core and changes you.  We got home past my bedtime so the 5am wake up call was really early and realistically 5:30 this morning.  When I woke up my body was talking to me and telling me that I needed some rest.  Yoga was refreshing and one of my favorite routines that included twisting postures.  I had a lovely quick chat with a friend who I hadn't seen in a while.  My normal Tuesday walk/run was rescheduled and I got in a lift at the Y.  I know, I know, I need to rest.  I also need my routines.  So I took it easy on myself and didn't push it.  I snuck in a quick nap while waiting for the middle school carpool and thought about my creative practice for today.  I decided today that I was creating wellness.  Today is a day to breath in and relax as I am breathing out.  It's a day to enjoy the gentle fall breeze on my face and soak in the sunshine.  It's a day to dream. 

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