Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creating Meaningful Work (which includes a women's retreat!)

Dear friends,

Today I've been working on my upcoming women's retreat.  I had a coaching/accountability session with my dear friend Cynthia who challenged me to write a blog about my retreat and part of my process.

The view from the mountain retreat home

Warm fires and the South Alter from a prev. retreat
One of the waterfalls we visit
As some of ya'll know I am a social worker (an LMSW who does training),  
Adoption Coach, Interplay leader in training,  

full time mom, girl scout leader, part-time employee at Eye Candy Art Studio, and a retreat facilitator!

Each role/job is important to me and I find them all to be meaningful in my life.

I have been a retreat participant for over 14 years at a lovely place in East Texas called Earthsprings.  

When I lived in Texas I would retreat with this group of ladies 1-2 times a year.  They continue to be an incredible resource and well of support in my life.  

When we moved to GA 7 years ago I was called to start facilitating retreats. Gulp.

I enjoy creating an environment and a place for women to come to relax, renew and connect with each other and Mother Earth.

I am full of gratitude as I think of all of the retreats I have attended and facilitated and what gifts they have brought to my life.

I also get butterflies as I start to advertise them - nervous excitement about who will be coming this time and what will be created out of the weekend.

I am imagining the crisp, clean mountain air;  The warmth of a good fire and friends in beautiful surroundings; The laughter that fills my heart when I am playful and resonating with my sisters and the smells of delicious gourmet food that is always a treat!

I have limited spaces but would love to invite you to join me and some other extraordinary women this Fall for a special retreat.

Fall is always a busy time and I am so thankful for the chance to retreat, breath deep and fulfill the call of meaningful work.

What meaningful work calls to your soul?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,



  1. Earthsprings looks great! It's close to Houston so I could actually go sometime! Thanks for mentioning it. :)

  2. Is it so important to step back from our lives occasionally. I did a solo retreat for a week on an island last year. The island has been calling to me again. Your retreat adds the important element of community and looks wonderful.

    1. Oooooh a solo island retreat sounds magical!!

  3. This just sounds wonderful. I love that you add an element of community too. Shame that I live way over on the west coast of Canada - however maybe one day I'll swing by. Enjoy your time.

  4. Attending a retreat is one my list of things I want to do next year. Thanks for the reminder because I will add it to my vision board!!

  5. I would definitely like to keep this on my radar! Thanks for mentioning it.

    1. Amy - I usually have a Spring and Fall Retreat :)

  6. i wish I could attend, but that is my one big weekend retreat to colorado this year. I do a zentangle retreat in the fall in North Georgia - and I find it very relaxing. I look forward to watching and see what else you have in store!!!!

    1. Vickie - I've been wanting to learn more about Zentangle - I'd love to hear more about the retreat you participate in :)