Saturday, June 27, 2015

Creating a Labyrinth

"Why sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." - Lewis Carroll

Dear Friends,

A week ago today we created a Labyrinth.  Why you ask?

"The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that has many applications in various settings. 
It reduces stress, quiets the mind and opens the heart. 
It is a walking meditation, a path of prayer, 
and a blue-print where psyche meets Spirit." 
-- The Reverend Dr. Lauren Artress

Well that story starts well over a year ago...

During my InterPlay Life Practice Program to become a Certified Leader we had the privilege of being at Pine Lake, GA and having access to my friend Ella & Lois's Labyrinth. Over the year I walked their Labyrinth at Dawn, in the moonlight, at noon and on my 44th Birthday last year.  It is a spirit filled, sacred place.  It was during this time that we found out we would have to move from our beloved house and find a new one to buy.

A rocks beauty revealed after the rains
When we found our current home it had a very special place at the back of the property that reminded me of a secret garden - overgrown, old trees with an entrance flanked with two large Magnolia trees.  During the home inspection is when we discovered this was part of the property and immediately I knew this is where I wanted our Labyrinth to go.

We moved in July 4th, 2014.

There have been some adjustments to this part of town (new grocery stores), new neighbors (whom we love) and me grieving the trees and plants that stayed with the old house when Spring arrived.

When Joe asked me over a month ago what I wanted for my birthday very clearly I stated, "To build our Labyrinth."  Not only was he on board he was super supportive even though it was the end of the quarter and a busy time for him with work/travel.

Invitations were sent.  Come join us to build the Labyrinth and/or come for the Birthday Party that night and place a stone.

The recommended dirt guy was scheduled for Tuesday June 16th (his equipment broke and I prayed).

Thursday (June 18th) - we went to the rock yard and bought the river rocks - an awesome birthday gift to which several family members contributed.

Friday (June 19th) - Doug the dirt guy swung by in the early morning and 'leveled" the land and moved underbrush and old dead wood out of the way.  Then my friend David showed up with rakes and a "let's do this" and we spent 4 hours clearing roots and sticker bushes and raking the dirt.  When Joe got home that night we put in some more time leveling and prepping the space.

Saturday (June 20th):

6:00 am We started the day before dawn.  Joe, Alex and I met at the center of the land and smudged and said prayers and called on all our relations to bless our project and the land and we gave thanks for the day.  Venus (the cat) came and added her piece too.  As the sun rose a hawk cried out.

The work crew (Sharon & Alex not pictured)
10:00am  Dear friends came over to help up start the build.
They came from Norcross, Grant Park and  some drove in from as far away as Newnan.  There were 10 of us that morning if you count the teenager who was sporadic and one incredibly hard working 6 year old.  Bri and Joe put their math brains together to get us started and we built from the inner circle out.

Last stone being laid
4:15 ish - We laid the last stone in the Labyrinth!  We couldn't believe it had come together so fast! We had one oopsie we had to correct in mid stride (8 paths on one side 6 on the other) but it was quickly sorted out and we were back in business.  Joe walked it off from the entrance to the center it is approximately 800 feet.  The length of over 2 football fields if you go to the center and back.

6:00pm - Friends started arriving for the birthday party celebrating me turning 45 the following Monday, June 22nd.

They arrived with wonderful gifts of spirit.  Special rocks and plants from their own gardens for the Labyrinth, drums, kombucha, beautiful plants and gnomes for the front yard, antique lockets, tea, pottery, ceramic frogs and the best of all their beautiful hearts and friendship.

Drumming on the patio before moving to the fire pit

We ate delicious food  -everyone brought a side to share - Joe and Wade cooked hot dogs and vegan sausage on the grill - and later that night s'mores around the fire.

We talked and laughed.  I walked back and forth to the Labyrinth numerous times to beam at what we had created.

Guests were invited to paint a rock with a symbol or a saying to represent them and walk the Labyrinth and place it in a special spot.

Spinning Poi
Instruments were brought out and we drummed and danced and sang and I got to spin (fake) fire with the new led poi Joe got me as a birthday gift.

It was an incredible way to say goodbye to 44 and hello to 45.  My birthday, Father's Day and Summer Solstice all in one magical weekend.

My heart was (and still is) so full of love and friendship for the amazing people in my life.

This week I've walked the Labyrinth everyday (usually at dawn) and wrote down my thoughts and things I'm seeing and hearing.  

Tonight Joe and I walked it at dusk with our two kitties joining us.

I am so grateful for this sacred space.  It is a place of contemplation, prayer and spirit.  Co-created in love and friendship.  If you are ever in Duluth, GA and want and/or need to walk it you are welcome.

The first time I walked the Labyrinth and stepped into the center

Wrapping you around with infinite love and gratitude,