Sunday, November 29, 2015

Creating Peace with the dawn

Dear friends,

This morning before dawn
I entered the Labyrinth
and as I slowly circled towards the center my gaze
caught the eye of a buck grazing across the forest
in the East with the colors of the pink dawn as his beautiful backdrop.

If you look really close you can see him...
I tried to take a picture and he gave me a nod as if to say
I see you, move along, as he continued to graze and in an unhurried manner walked out of site.

I looked at the picture and at first he is nowhere to be seen.

Was he a spirit coming to remind me of my quest?

Or the 6 point buck I saw in real time but a master of camouflage so experienced that even the camera could not capture him?

To me he was a blessing.

A gift as precious as the sun rising every morning.

The reminder of my deer totem.  Grace, peace, gentleness and so much more.

Dawn this morning
About the same time two 

squirrels were awakening 

one fussing at the other  as if to say,

“Joe, I thought I heard 

something….go check!”

A big thud and I thought, Did 

she push him out of the nest?

Arriving at the center of the circle I 

took a moment to give 

thanks for the beauty of this day

As the sky lit up with soft vibrant 

pinks and yellow in the 

Venus at the entrance
forefront of the blue.

Venus, the sacred Labyrinth kitty, 

was sitting at the entrance 

watching patiently.  Earlier she had 

been running and 

jumping high up onto the tree 

trunks as if to say to the 

squirrels, “If I really wanted to I 

could come get you.”

On the walk out of the center I sang 

my prayers for family 

"Screech Owl" branch close to the trunk
and friends and the world.

As I sang the birds joined in to 

welcome the sun and begin 

singing their song for the day.

The squirrel drew my attention 

to a tree in the West that 

appeared to have a screech owl 

sitting in it.  It turned out to 

be the stub of a branch, a reminder of the gift I was given on 


Walking back towards the 
Sister Moon shining down

house for my first and most 

holy cup of tea I looked up to see the moon shining down from 

above the trees.

What a delicious morning.

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom,


"Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower."  - Albert Camus

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Creating From the Labyrinth

Dear Friends,

After more than a week (due to weather and travel) 

I was finally able to start my morning in the Labyrinth.  In the early morning light before the sun rose I walked back to my sacred space and had to pause to wonder, 

"Where did it go?"

Where oh where did my Labyrinth go? 

The recent storms, rain and wind had helped to cover the Labyrinth in a carpet of leaves.

This brought up several wonderful metaphors for me this morning. 

As I began the clearly marked path I had to pay attention.  For one of the first times since it's birth I had to slow down and really pay attention to the path or I could have easily gotten "lost." 

I decided to take off my shoes to enjoy the feel of the leaves.  I meandered.  I put rocks back in place where a raccoon(?) had moved them looking for food.

I noticed the maintenance that was needed and acknowledged the importance of doing the "work."

Love wins - especially when you uncover it!

I made it to the center after clearing off a few alters, gave gratitude for my amazing life and sang my morning prayers. 

This morning I heard crow, had a sacred Labyrinth kitty Venus with me on the journey and heard several other birds too.  

What are things that you need to give some special attention too this week?  Any maintenance that is calling your name?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and peace,
A view from the plane on the way home last night


P.S. A few pictures from a recent adventure:

A beautiful mural in the LAX airport