Thursday, October 31, 2013

Creating Success :) and a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween & Happy Last day of Blogtoberfest!

Alex was a silent film star this year :)

Sammie was a spooky ghost who scored a lot of candy ;)

Yeah Success!!! Picked up 3 friends from the Marta who came in for tomorrow's retreat!  Shopped for the retreat and pulled off a successful Halloween which is ending with the final post for Blogtoberfest!! I've been blogging now for two months straight.  Tomorrow will be my first day off :) I'm going up to the Highlands Mountains for my Fall Women's Retreat - Creating the Life You Want.  So I'll be out of pocket for two nights and check back in when I return.  I wish you lots of amazing goodies for the weekend!  


Congrats to my fellow Blogtoberfest who did a great job completing blogging for 30 days!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating Wednesday

This morning's view from the mailbox :)

Today has been a good day and a challenging day.

I woke up battling a cold...blah!!!  I am still winning at this point but it's an added distraction I really didn't need this week (of course who needs it at any time??)

I have been pumping the vitamin C and zinc all day.  Just juiced some ginger too.

Had a great conversation with both my mother and sister today

Picked up my friend Bridgette who came in from New York for the retreat!

I've been wrapping up work projects for the week and have a few more to rewrite tonight.

Also, wandering around the house figuring out what I'm taking to set up my retreat.

Tomorrow 2 more friends come in from Texas and food shopping and prepping will occur :)

So I'm writing a quick blog to make sure I post for Blogtoberfest :)

Have a great night - I'm going to work on the to-do list and then get to bed early to help my body heal in time for a great weekend! - Christine

P.S. a quick shout out for my Love - He finished the set of Mort for Lionheart Community Theatre - check out all the pictures at his artist face book page Joe Gautreaux Fantasy Artist to see the whole set - it turned out terrific!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating a Tuesday to remember

Day started off crazy when I realized an hour late that Sammie was supposed to be at an eye doctor appointment before school!  Grrrrr  That was a costly (time-wise) mistake.  They graciously allowed me to come in to the appointment late because Sammie had lost her glasses and needed them for school.  So we sat and waited and 2 hours later had the new glasses ordered!

By the time I got her to school it was time to go pick up my friend for our afternoon escape :)

Finally!  After months I made it to see the imaginary worlds exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  I only had a little room left on my camera so here our a few of my favorites...

One of three berries that made me smile in the edible garden

LOVED this Quote!!!!  It's how I live my life :)

bunnies hiding in the tall grass

So cool!  It turned!!! 

Yeah for beautiful fountains!

My friend got a pic of me kissing this hairy guy - I'll post when I get it :)

The Earth Goddess was getting her hair done to become an ice princess for the upcoming lights festival so I will HAVE to go back for more pics and more time in her presence!  I enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon with a good friend whose conversations always engage me and I am grateful.  Now it's off to finish the case notes that I planned on doing this morning....Breathing in...letting it out with a big sigh :)

Peace my friends,


Monday, October 28, 2013

Creating Mondays :)

So today is the first day I haven't had company in over 10 days :)

I loved having my folks and then Sheila visit - it was yummy and fun and I was sad when they left.

Today - I wish I could have stayed home and hung out naked!

But no, not in the cards for me today - today I:

Toted the kids to school

Met with my successful Manifesting Mondays Group

Came home and helped one of the members apply for a job and print out some marketing materials for a program she facilitates and then prepped for three evening counseling session

Took a picture of my beautiful view:

The view from my mailbox this morning

Ran by the Dollar tree for some supplies for my sessions

Grabbed a quick to-go lunch from whole food (quick and yummy but geez not budget friendly!) and took a moment to appreciate the fall foliage!

Picked up the High school crew and distributed them accordingly.

Went in to the office for staffing.

Headed off for 3 sessions.  Completed them successfully.

Came home to eat a yummy dinner prepared by Joe.

Helped Alex with some school tasks.  Had an in depth conversation with Sammie about upcoming costume!

Sat down to write this blog and contemplate what I want to create tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will -

Get up in time to do my Yoga :)
Write my notes for the sessions I did today as soon as I drop kids off
Check my lists for the supplies for the retreat this weekend - make the plan for rest of the week
Play hooky with a friend of mine for a couple of hours in the afternoon so we can celebrate our friendship and fall
Write a fun blog :)

Breathe deep and give gratitude for the amazingly full, messy, rich life I lead!

Signing off for rest and rejuvination,


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Snippets

You know how an experience is so big it's hard to put words too & how it was so much fun that "you had to be there!"   That's how I feel about the weekend that just wrapped up and the people that I experienced it with.  Gratitude is filling my heart....

Sheila performing her book at Pine Lake Clubhouse
Ruth & I (and Ella in the background)

Working on our secrets notebooks with Cynthia - the co-founder of Interplay

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Creating Saturday

Last night was such an crisp cool night that was perfect for snuggling with my sweetheart who just came home from a week long business trip. 

Sheila and I came in close to 10pm from the opening day of the Secrets workshop.  We had a great meal with Cynthia  in Decatur at Leon's a farm to table restaurant that was delicious!

Today we are headed back to Pine Lake for a day of playing and learning and then an evening performance at 7pm.  All are welcome to join -  

Joe is painting the set of the Mort at the Lionheart this weekend -it's going to look fantastic!

The start of the Mort set at the Lionheart Community Theatre in Norcross, GA
The girls are excited about a hang out weekend - they made plans to sleep late, connect with friends and chill out after back to back weekends of company and activity.

I'm going to take a moment this morning to savor my cup of tea, breath deeply and give gratitudes:

For the full and amazing life I lead,
For my family and especially my girls who light up my life,
For my partner and love Joe who supports me and snuggles with me :)
For my friends who are amazing each in their own ways,
For learning new things,
For Interplay - a modality I love more every time I do it,
For Mother Nature and Autumn that invigorates me,
For my body and it's strength and clear wisdom,
For challenges that create opportunities for growth,
For God, spirit, joy, love and peace.

I am thankful too for each of you who read and comment and give support to my creative endeavors - you make a difference in my life- thank you.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


Friday, October 25, 2013

Creating Body Wisdom

1st day of the Secrets workshop for Interplay.

So much to write about and say.

What my body needs:

Good sleep (that's why this will be brief tonight)


Clean Eating

Daily Movement/Exercise


A connection to Mother Earth

Stillness and Meditation

To be heard.

So listening and responding I'm off to sleep.



Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating Thursday

Just home from the Thursday night opening of the Interplay secrets weekend being held at Pine Lake.  It was delightful!  There were over 20 people to kick off the weekend including  +Hallelujah Truth Ruth!  What a great night and event.  I have to head off to bed since the alarm rings so early in the morning but I wanted to write a bit for the blog since we're still in Blogtoberfest and I'm on a roll.

Here's a blurb about Saturday night and if you're local I hope you can come and see Performing the Book and as a bonus (ha ha) see me dance :)

Just back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival author and improvisational artist Sheila K. Collins, Ph.D. reads and performs themes suggested by her book, Warrior Mother, assisted by members of the Atlanta Interplay community.

Join Atlanta InterPlay this Saturday, October 26th, in Pine Lake, Georgia, for a potluck with InterPlay co-founder, Cynthia Winton-Henry, and book performance led by Sheila K. Collins of InterPlay Pittsburgh.

The potluck begins at six o'clock and is open to friends and family of Atlanta InterPlay participants and those interested in learning more about InterPlay. Be sure to bring a covered dish so there will be enough food for everyone.

Then stay for the seven o'clock performance of Sheila Collins newly p
ublished book, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Love, and Rituals that Heal. With the help of participants enrolled in "Secrets of InterPlay," Sheila K. Collins will use the tools of InterPlay to develop readings from her book.

7:00 Book Performance

Pine Lake Clubhouse

462 Clubhouse Dr., Pine Lake, GA 30072

*Please note: the exact address can be hard to find through GPS! From Rockbridge Rd., turn L. onto Clubhouse Dr., you will run straight into the Pine Lake Clubhouse, a light green building with a wrap-around porch.

Questions? Call Atlanta InterPlay leader, Jennifer Denning at 404-272-0848.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Creating Haiku for you :)

Warrior Mother

House Party Tonight
Friends Food Laughter Tears and Dance
The book was performed

We had a great time tonight hearing Sheila read from her book and perform segments with Interplay Improv.  I have so much to share including pictures if I could find the camera cord :)

My wish is for Sheila to go viral with her latest book - her message is so touching and uplifting.  I am honored to have her as a friend and a mentor in my life.

I look forward to sharing more soon but in the meantime check out the trailer to her book:

and go buy it!

Also, on Saturday night (in Pine Lake, GA) she will be performing her book again with Interplay players (myself included) helping her - so if you're in the ATL area it's your last chance to see her this year.



Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating Something

You know when you can't remember your password - it's too late and you're too tired to be blogging!

Today has been a day of transition.

Mom and I greeted the day with yoga together - which was delightful!

My folks left to head back to Texas.

My friend Sheila is in town and we were able to spend a couple of hours together catching up.

I worked for several hours tonight.

Washed tons of dishes by hand (which is comforting and inconvenient all at the same time) since my dishwasher died.

Helped Celebrate a B on a dreaded Math Midterm.

And so much more.

But I am honoring my bodies cry to go to sleep to recharge for what promises to be a terrific Tuesday tomorrow and thankful that I remembered to blog for Blogtoberfest.

Good night all,


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Creating Saturday Snippets....

Fun and busy weekend (I know, what's new??)

My folks are back in town on there way back to Texas.

The tractor ride to the orchard to pick apples at the Red Barn Farm in Ellijay, Ga

They brought back fresh shrimp and scallops from the NC coast so dinner for the past two nights has been fresh and fabulous!

Today we headed up to Ellijay, GA to pick apples and go to the annual apple festival that I have wanted to attend for 5 years!

We had a good time :)  My favorite part being outside on a pretty day and picking apples with my crew :) (well most of them)

Goofing off and getting ready for pictures

Lots of tourist picture opportunities :)

Dad and Mom with some yummy apples!

Joe stayed in town to start work on the "Mort" set - an upcoming show at Lionheart (opens Oct. 31).

The beginning of the Mort set (after 2 hours)
We made it back in time from Ellijay to cook a yummy dinner before heading off to the OTR Improve show at the Lionheart.  Mom, Joe and I had a great time and Laughed the night away.

Just back home in time to hit publish before the day ends and to prep for my friend Sheila who arrives tomorrow am!

I hope if you're in the ATL area you are planning on joining us tomorrow:

Performing the Book

Sunday, October 20th
Lionheart Community Performing Arts Center
125 Lawrenceville St.
Norcross, GA 30071


Just back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival author and improvisational artist Sheila K. Collins, Ph.D. reads and performs themes suggested by her book, Warrior Mother, assisted by members of the Atlanta Interplay community.

The performance is free * Sheila will have some signed copies of her book available to purchase & yummy snacks will be provided!  

Night ya'll,


Friday, October 18, 2013

Creating Friday Blogs that Celebrate!

Friday's throughout blogerfest have been about other creatives.  This month I've talked about Alex in this blog and Joe in My creative companion so today I want to talk about Sammie!

Sammie is a 6th grade honor student.  She is able to access both her left and right side of her brain :)

Sammie headed to school this morning with her creative science project!

The layers of the Earth created in mini cupcakes - creative & yummy!!!

She is a talented musician and knows how to play the violin, the cello and is currently learning the upright bass!

A video of Sammie playing the Cello :)

Sammie also got the family art gene - lucky kid!

She likes to draw, paint and her latest passion is her photography!

Tonight her photographs were displayed in a gallery exhibit at the Norcross Lionheart Performing Arts Center.
Sammie in front of her photo exhibit!  The photos will be on display at the Lionheart PAC until the end of the month!

She is also an award winning artist and photographer through the school's PTA Reflections competition.  

The ideas and creations that come out of her continually amaze me and I am so lucky to be her mom.

Happy Friday,

Christine (& Crew)

Good Night!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Creating Wellness and Geometry!

Today has been a wild one!

I woke up with a headache which is very unusual for me.  I think it was a combo of a bad food choice last night, lack of sleep and the rainy weather

powered through yoga even though I felt yucky.

After high school carpool I drove Joe to the Marta (train) so he could make it to the airport in time to catch a flight.

I had a two hour webinar training on case notes that was a great refresher.

I got a quick 15 min nap that combined with 2 ibuprofen almost reset my headache.

My friend Liz heard I was feeling bad and dropped off some soup and cleaned up the "present" my cat left me on the front porch.

I did some networking for a friend's upcoming presentation on Sunday.

Picked up some awesome kids from High School.

Headed to another 2 hour meeting for the new J.O.B.

Made it home in time to run the youngest to the store for eggs for her science "creation" that is due tomorrow and sent her to a neighbor and friend to make it (since my oven is out and we're waiting on a replacement).

Helped Alex with Geometry review for midterm tomorrow.

My neighbor and  friend dropped by and brought me some yummy paleo treats :)

Wrote Blog - thought I lost blog :( - found it! :)

Need to finish paperwork before getting a great night's sleep 

I know that a list is not the most interesting  blog but I wanted  continue my blogging streak and this is all I had  in  me today!

As Ruth says, Not good, Not Bad, Just is!

Tomorrow is another day and I am grateful,


Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Christine & Katie -sisters and friends

I took my sister to the airport this afternoon.  I'm always sad to see her go.  This trip she was here for 3+ days.  It felt way to short.  As my only sibling, Katie, has been my friend, playmate and sometimes adversary since she was born when I was 16 months old.  Being around her makes me a better person - except in math since I had her "helping" with my homework starting when I was in 2nd grade and she was in Kindergarten ;)
Katie lights up the room when she walks in.  She is a great storyteller and a fantastic business woman.  I'm so proud of the work she does in the world.  Katie is the founder and owner of Numen Development a company that is a design and development firm focused on creating innovative spaces that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient!  All of her designs utilize re-purposed shipping containers as their primary structure. You should check out her website and some of the awesome things she has built!
This trip we had fun with Mom and Dad in town they were here from Texas and Katie was here from Colorado.  We celebrated Katie's upcoming birthday, took long overdue family photos, worked on some marketing materials for my retreats, went thrift store shopping for amazing finds (one of Katie's many super powers) and had a chance to talk.  She is the type of friend that listens, gives great advice and great hugs when you need them.  We also had a chance to go river running together and I laughed so hard I cried - especially when we raced around the indoor river (against the super current) by hopping on one foot!
We haven't always been such good friends.  There were years when we drove each other crazy and 2 days was the max before we had a spat and needed space.  Now it feels like 2 days is just a warm up and way too short of time spent together.  Over the years we have realized how much we have in common :) I love that our friendship is deepening as we get older and I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Lest you think she's perfect - she's horrible at reading blogs so she'll probably never see this tribute but I felt like I needed to share since I am missing her so much tonight!

What is your favorite sibling memory?

I love this picture and hope that Alex and Sammie end up as great of friends as Katie and I


Monday, October 14, 2013

Creating a Retreat :)

Creating the Life You Want
Learn to harness the possibility in YOUR world to create the future YOU desire.

Envision yourself immersed in the tranquility of the majestic Smoky Mountains as you are nurtured and inspired in mind, body and soul.  Our beautiful weekend escape is a spacious, private home overlooking Highlands, NC.  Gourmet food, guaranteed to delight your palate, will be prepared daily on site.
Throughout the weekend, you will learn how to harness the power of the present moment, how to easily clear negativity from your life, and how to tap into your inner creativity (even if it’s buried really deep).   You will be guided in identifying and honoring the strengths within you and acknowledging and overcoming your personal roadblocks to success.  You will also have the opportunity to participate in the exploration of journaling, meditation and yoga basics.  All of these wonderful activities will unfold within a framework of fun and individual connection.
“Creating the Life You Want” is based on universal spirituality and welcomes anyone regardless of belief.  Many of the traditions we will share are Native American in their origins.  All activities are optional with the exception of the opening and closing circles. 

Retreat Details:

  • Friday, November 1st @ 6:00 pm – Sunday, November 3rd @ 2:00 pm
  • Facilitated by Christine Gautreaux, LMSW
  • Dinner will begin at 6pm – Opening Circle will begin at 8pm
  • Please bring:  Comfortable clothes, walking shoes if you want to explore nature, a journal, a pen, an amazing snack you want to share, and any special items you need for self care.
  • This retreat is a safe and sacred space.  What is shared here stays here. 
  • Alcohol and drug free.
  • Lunch will be provided before departure on Sunday

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Creating a Spectacular Sunday

The whole crew at the Chattahoochee River - 2 miles from our home

My Mom and Dad :)

Lots of laughter was had during this photo shoot!

Joe hanging out while others set up!

Silly hat time!

My sister Katie and I - one of my favorite photos of the day!

All the girls showing our toes :)

Joe photo bombing a sister pic :)

My family - my heart - Joe, Sammie, Me & Alex