Saturday, October 12, 2013

Creating Saturday Superness

I love Fall!
Today was a good day filled with family and fun.  My mom and dad arrived yesterday evening from Texas and my sister came in from Colorado and Joe was home from San Franscisco.  We have a full house :)  

This morning was spent color coordinating and making plans for the family photo scheduled for tomorrow and catching up with what everyone has been up too.

In the afternoon we headed up North to do a little fishing and help celebrate a friend's birthday.

We drove home with our tummies full of home grown food and singing old school country.  It was a sweet and memory filled day.


Alex and Papa fishing

Sammie and Jamie climbing trees

Sammie :)

The yummy turnip greens I picked and then ate today :)

Aunt Katie and the crew fishing at Grandma Bells :)

A quick hike to Gregg Bell Falls :)

The cool fungus? we found on the hike

Another view of this delicate fungi?

Flowers from Grandma Bells' garden

Lighting the cake and celebrating a great lady!


  1. What wonderful memories you are making for yourself and your kiddies...

  2. Thanks Darlene :) I think so too! I will post pics of the whole family today after our photo shoot - wish us luck!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day. :) (via blogotberfest)

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! Lovely life. You capture it so very well!