Monday, October 7, 2013

Creating Monday

Woke up to rain and darkness and the wish that I could snuggle in with my love for a couple more hours.  I felt like a kid when I checked the school website, just in case, the buses weren't running and school was delayed due to flooding (I really wanted to sleep and snuggle some more).  But alas, Monday was here time to get folks up and going for the day and the week.

Met with my Manifesting Monday group.  I found that the last 2 weeks I've been tasking myself out.  I am accomplishing a lot during the week - just not always what my soul is calling for.  As I write another crazy to do list out for this week as I prepare for my parent's visit and I am reminding myself to Breathe in Love and Breath out peace (or visa-verso).  

I've been feeling good about blogging daily.  For the past week I followed prompts from Blogtoberfest but I confess that today I didn't even peek.  I like chatting with ya'll and telling you about my week and the things that pop into my head way to much to be constrained sometimes.

BTW, Friday night was AMAZING!!!!  I was able to see
Sarah Kay live for her spoken word poetry.  It was hard to choose but I think this one may have been one of my favorites she recited that night:
It was a great date night for Joe and I and it was so inspiring.  I have been wanting to perform spoken word poetry for a while now.  I think it's still my elementary school inner child who won 2nd place at a UIL Oral reading competition when I recited:
So that is now on my fun to-do list...write an amazing spoken word poem and perform it :)  So many topics to choose from....
Sarah Kay shared that poetry is like pooping...
sometimes it is difficult, slow and hurts a little and sometimes it's so fast and easy you surprise yourself ;)
This made me laugh and nod in agreement.  
 I'm heading off for car pool and the rest of my day.
I hope ya'll are having a Maginificent Manifesting Monday,
ps. Not sure how to undo the bold formatting and the reminder to go pick up kids just went off so I gotta run.... :)


  1. Here it is 2:14 already -- I hope your Monday has manifested magnificently! Tuesday is waiting in the wings.

  2. How glorious and extensive your reach for words and images that inspire! You are an inspiration Christine!

    Do take care of yourself within that reach and get enough rest.