Thursday, October 3, 2013

Creating a Thankful Thursday

What a great prompt for today from Shells in the Bush - Blogtoberfests - Thankful Thursday.

As most of you know I'm all about gratitude.

So for a quick recap of today's thanksgivings:

I'm grateful for Sunrises and the fact that I'm a morning person and love being awake to witness them.

Grateful for my Thursday morning Course in Miracles group - the group meditations are fantastic!

 Thankful for my incredibly artistic and creative family who continues to inspire me daily :)

Alex's 3d door she created for Habitat for Humanity- "Trapped"

The back of "Stargazer"

The front of the door Joe painted for the Habitat for Humanity Project

So grateful for my friends - those I've had for year and those I've just met.

I'm also thankful for the opportunity to volunteer and make a difference for things I believe in such as the arts and orchestra programs at my kids schools.

Grateful for my animal companions who love (mostly) unconditionally (we do have two cats ;) in addition to Merlin).

Very grateful for my health and my body which loves to move.

Incredibly grateful for my teenage daughter who challenges me to be a better person and parent ;)

Thankful for beautiful fall weather that facilitates my perfect sleeping temperature (61%).

Which leads me to my gratitudes for my soft squishy pillows - one of the few things I am not willing to share.

I truly could go on and on....

Definitely grateful for each one of you reading this blog and supporting my blogging adventures in spirit and with comments - I appreciate each of you!

Breathing in Gratitude and exhaling love,


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  1. Christine I love this beautiful and cool fall weather too! What a lovely creative family you have. What fun you all have learning from one another. Sleep well! Sounds like you will!