Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Creating a Tuesday to remember

Day started off crazy when I realized an hour late that Sammie was supposed to be at an eye doctor appointment before school!  Grrrrr  That was a costly (time-wise) mistake.  They graciously allowed me to come in to the appointment late because Sammie had lost her glasses and needed them for school.  So we sat and waited and 2 hours later had the new glasses ordered!

By the time I got her to school it was time to go pick up my friend for our afternoon escape :)

Finally!  After months I made it to see the imaginary worlds exhibit at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  I only had a little room left on my camera so here our a few of my favorites...

One of three berries that made me smile in the edible garden

LOVED this Quote!!!!  It's how I live my life :)

bunnies hiding in the tall grass

So cool!  It turned!!! 

Yeah for beautiful fountains!

My friend got a pic of me kissing this hairy guy - I'll post when I get it :)

The Earth Goddess was getting her hair done to become an ice princess for the upcoming lights festival so I will HAVE to go back for more pics and more time in her presence!  I enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon with a good friend whose conversations always engage me and I am grateful.  Now it's off to finish the case notes that I planned on doing this morning....Breathing in...letting it out with a big sigh :)

Peace my friends,



  1. Wonderful photos of the living sculptures! I'm so glad you had such a good visit with your friend in such a relaxing yet stimulating place. I want us to get a play date on the calendar!