Friday, October 11, 2013

Creating a Friday blog about my Creative Companion

The Friday prompt for Blogtoberfest is celebrating other creatives.  Last week I shared about my oldest daughter in this blog:Creating Friday Blogs - Celebrating Alex

Tonight I want to talk about the love of my life who has been my partner, friend, lover and husband for over 19 years!

Joe has been in San Fransisco this week on business.  Today he sent me these two pictures by text:

Joe sent me a msg via sand art :)

A picture of his favorite cove near half moon bay

In addition to being a great husband and father, Joe is a very talented artist who always amazing me with his talent.  He helped put himself through college by working at a t-shirt shop as the graphic artists before it became animated.  One of the first drawings he did for me after we started dating was:

The first cartoon/caricature he drew for me

Here is a special one that he did for me when I completed my master's degree:

This was the announcement for my Master's party

Joe has done artwork for all types of events.  Here's one from our previous church in Texas's picnic - the blur is from my picture taking unfortunately:

A flyer/poster for fun event!
 I could go on and on....his talent inspires my and amazes me constantly.  Go check out his fantasy artwork page to see some great artwork and his cute smile at:

Joe's Fantasy Art 

Have a great weekend,



  1. What a great guy you picked there Christine...Do you ever wonder how you got so lucky in your choice. I do. We go into a relationship blind as to the future and can only trust our good instincts. You and I have good instincts.Loved looking at your pictures ...Thanks much for posting them..

  2. Very talented, great art work. :)