Saturday, October 26, 2013

Creating Saturday

Last night was such an crisp cool night that was perfect for snuggling with my sweetheart who just came home from a week long business trip. 

Sheila and I came in close to 10pm from the opening day of the Secrets workshop.  We had a great meal with Cynthia  in Decatur at Leon's a farm to table restaurant that was delicious!

Today we are headed back to Pine Lake for a day of playing and learning and then an evening performance at 7pm.  All are welcome to join -  

Joe is painting the set of the Mort at the Lionheart this weekend -it's going to look fantastic!

The start of the Mort set at the Lionheart Community Theatre in Norcross, GA
The girls are excited about a hang out weekend - they made plans to sleep late, connect with friends and chill out after back to back weekends of company and activity.

I'm going to take a moment this morning to savor my cup of tea, breath deeply and give gratitudes:

For the full and amazing life I lead,
For my family and especially my girls who light up my life,
For my partner and love Joe who supports me and snuggles with me :)
For my friends who are amazing each in their own ways,
For learning new things,
For Interplay - a modality I love more every time I do it,
For Mother Nature and Autumn that invigorates me,
For my body and it's strength and clear wisdom,
For challenges that create opportunities for growth,
For God, spirit, joy, love and peace.

I am thankful too for each of you who read and comment and give support to my creative endeavors - you make a difference in my life- thank you.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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