Monday, October 28, 2013

Creating Mondays :)

So today is the first day I haven't had company in over 10 days :)

I loved having my folks and then Sheila visit - it was yummy and fun and I was sad when they left.

Today - I wish I could have stayed home and hung out naked!

But no, not in the cards for me today - today I:

Toted the kids to school

Met with my successful Manifesting Mondays Group

Came home and helped one of the members apply for a job and print out some marketing materials for a program she facilitates and then prepped for three evening counseling session

Took a picture of my beautiful view:

The view from my mailbox this morning

Ran by the Dollar tree for some supplies for my sessions

Grabbed a quick to-go lunch from whole food (quick and yummy but geez not budget friendly!) and took a moment to appreciate the fall foliage!

Picked up the High school crew and distributed them accordingly.

Went in to the office for staffing.

Headed off for 3 sessions.  Completed them successfully.

Came home to eat a yummy dinner prepared by Joe.

Helped Alex with some school tasks.  Had an in depth conversation with Sammie about upcoming costume!

Sat down to write this blog and contemplate what I want to create tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will -

Get up in time to do my Yoga :)
Write my notes for the sessions I did today as soon as I drop kids off
Check my lists for the supplies for the retreat this weekend - make the plan for rest of the week
Play hooky with a friend of mine for a couple of hours in the afternoon so we can celebrate our friendship and fall
Write a fun blog :)

Breathe deep and give gratitude for the amazingly full, messy, rich life I lead!

Signing off for rest and rejuvination,



  1. Christine, it sounds like a very busy day with no time to be "naked." Yet it is so filled with variety and warmed by so many people's presences and those beautiful trees! Thanks for sharing all of this!

    Wishing you a manifesting Tuesday! Look forward to your juicy blog resulting from your delicious list!

    1. Thanks Ruth! My lists always prompt me when I'm not sure what to write about :) Would that be the shaper? or the Thruster?