Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating Something

You know when you can't remember your password - it's too late and you're too tired to be blogging!

Today has been a day of transition.

Mom and I greeted the day with yoga together - which was delightful!

My folks left to head back to Texas.

My friend Sheila is in town and we were able to spend a couple of hours together catching up.

I worked for several hours tonight.

Washed tons of dishes by hand (which is comforting and inconvenient all at the same time) since my dishwasher died.

Helped Celebrate a B on a dreaded Math Midterm.

And so much more.

But I am honoring my bodies cry to go to sleep to recharge for what promises to be a terrific Tuesday tomorrow and thankful that I remembered to blog for Blogtoberfest.

Good night all,



  1. I want to acknowledge you for your commitment to blogging every day during the month of October, no matter what! Good going!

    1. Thanks Ruth! I know this week has been a challenge with lack of time - I'm hoping to dedicate a little more time to the writing and blogging soon.