Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creating a terrific Tuesday

So today has been an interesting and full day!

It started with the usual -

My favorite yoga routine (twists) is on Tuesday so with that and a very short meditation I was ready to tackle the day and carpool.

After the kids were off to school, I made a snack tray for my friend Carol who was doing her first Spiritual Eldering Class - Aging to Sage-ing.  I was excited that it turned out cute (since so many things I attempt from Pintrest and the internet flop ;) ).  The "pumkins" are mandarin oranges peeled with a small piece of celery stuck in the top for the stem and the 'ghost' are bananas with mini chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth.

Healthy pumpkins and ghosts

Carol did a great job on her presentation and it  was great to be able to support one of my friends from the Manifesting Monday's goal group.

After the presentation I zoomed to pick up Joe and take him to the airport. He's winging his way to San Francisco for a work trip. 

Next it was a quick bite to eat (thank goodness for Chipolte Steak Salads) and zipping to get kids again.

This evening was the PTA Reflections Judging Reception at my friend and co-chair, Cathy's house.

Cathy put on an amazing spread for the judges

It was amazing to see the entries that were turned in by 6th, 7th and 8th graders.  They could enter in Film, Dance, Music Composition, Visual arts or Photography.  Sammie entered 6 of her photographs.  It will be exciting to find out the results.

Oh, I had an interesting call  today and ended up with a job interview tomorrow at 11am.  It's for a part-time therapist position working with kids in therapeutic foster care.  Since the bulk of my career has been working with foster and adoptive children this position is worth investigating - especially since the agency is right down the road from home.

So I'm off to dreamland - If you think about tomorrow morning send some good thoughts and great energy my way.




  1. Wow Christine...what a great day you had. The treats are wonderful looking and I know they are good tasting, your friends spread looks yummy and your interview will be a huge success if good thoughts do the trick...Great inspiring and positive blog tonight.

  2. Christine! I am excited about Sammie's photos and can't wait to find out how she places in the competition! Please let us know. I am so impressed by the way all of your family members CREATE artifacts as a part of their daily lives.

    They are so lucky to have you as their mom and wife!

    Good good good luck tomorrow! I know you will WOW them at the interview.

  3. Those mandarin pumpkins are too cute! Best of luck with your interview.