Sunday, October 6, 2013

Creating Sunday Snippets and Silliness :)

What a week!  Since I've covered most of it in the previous blogs this week I'll let the stories from a fun art night speak for themselves:

The set up for the Tortilla soup :)

Tortilla Soup Has become a tradition at Art Nights

Liz walked in and said, "I know noodles aren't Paleo but...."

The beautiful souvenir yarn from New Orleans that Pamela was winding for her next project

Pamela's husband Sebastian helping Liz with her project

Elephant Tusks anyone?

Joe Helping Liz with Costume decisions

Irena trying on the Simba idea


Painting, creating, crafting, knitting and fun!


  1. You make an excellent lioness! Yummy in all ways including the tortilla soup!