Friday, October 4, 2013

Creating Friday Blogs : )

Whew! Made it to Friday.  This week has felt really intense to me.  I've accomplished a lot but feel like I haven't checked some important things off the list.  So I'm going to check off - Friday's blog this morning and then head out to do some more mundane tasks.

The prompt from Blogerfest is to write about another creative that  you admire.  Wow.  There are so many!

Today I think I'm going to write about and celebrate my daughter, Alex.  Alex is 15 and she came in with creativity (this may have been because I was praying she got her dad's art gene). 

She has been drawing, painting and creating since she was a wee one.

When she was 4 she drew a wonderful picture of the world and the animals - made copies and distributed them around the neighborhood with the label - "Save the Animals!"

I'm not sure I have this pic in digital form - I'll do my best to find the original and post a picture soon.

She likes to use art to make statements for things she is passionate about!

Just recently she and I were having a "moment."  She ended up losing her phone privileges as a consequence for being disrespectful.  When I came back from running an errand - this was on the window....

Alex's Artistic protest & the added bonus of Sammie (photographer & artist too)

 It stayed posted until company was set to arrive and then she replaced it with a beautiful welcome sign that I shared in this blog:  Welcome .

Alex is also a budding potter.  She hand built and painted this lantern last year:

Hand built Panda Lantern

I may be bias but I thought her horse sculpture was by far the best in show :)

Wire Horse Sculpture
 Here is her plaster carving she did for my parents - so sad to say it broke when she went to frame it so this picture is what remains:
Plaster carving of whales

She just finished a three dimensional door for the Gwinnett Habitat for Humanity Restore - Doors for Hope Project.  They will be displayed this weekend at the Norcross Art Festival in downtown Norcross and then they will be all throughout the community!  Check out the project at Doors of Art Gallery where you will be able to bid on them to support this great organization!

Here's a sneak peek of her door from yesterday's blog:

Yesterday's blog - Thankful Thursday

I could go on and on about this amazing creative artist who inspires me with her art, her intuition, her kindness towards animals and friends and her beauty both inside and out but it's time to go help clean up from her latest project and make sure she has some clean clothes to wear tomorrow :)


Today Gratitude is Fundamental,



  1. Just saying that I wish we had had a window that we could have painted on when we were growing up! I love that concept and the way it manifests in your day to day life! Great image of Sammie photographing your other daughter's handiwork!

    What a loving tribute to your family and specifically your daughter!

    What a creative life you live! Huzzah!

  2. Thanks Ruth! I think the window is cool too :) I need to start putting all of those pics in one specific folder :)