Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating Wednesday

This morning's view from the mailbox :)

Today has been a good day and a challenging day.

I woke up battling a cold...blah!!!  I am still winning at this point but it's an added distraction I really didn't need this week (of course who needs it at any time??)

I have been pumping the vitamin C and zinc all day.  Just juiced some ginger too.

Had a great conversation with both my mother and sister today

Picked up my friend Bridgette who came in from New York for the retreat!

I've been wrapping up work projects for the week and have a few more to rewrite tonight.

Also, wandering around the house figuring out what I'm taking to set up my retreat.

Tomorrow 2 more friends come in from Texas and food shopping and prepping will occur :)

So I'm writing a quick blog to make sure I post for Blogtoberfest :)

Have a great night - I'm going to work on the to-do list and then get to bed early to help my body heal in time for a great weekend! - Christine

P.S. a quick shout out for my Love - He finished the set of Mort for Lionheart Community Theatre - check out all the pictures at his artist face book page Joe Gautreaux Fantasy Artist to see the whole set - it turned out terrific!


  1. Dear Christine! Do take care, Tony and I are both sick too. I can't believe you have more people coming in and that you have your retreat this weekend. Wow! I know it is all wonderful but it is A LOT TO DO. So take extra care of yourself. I do wish I were going on your retreat but another time, the next one. Big hugs and hope you are feeling better in the morning.

  2. Your body is probably run down from all the excitement of the past you have just experienced so take care of yourself Christine..Getting ready for a retreat is a lot of work.....I enjoyed all of Joe's photos immensely...Now rest up and enjoy all that is coming.