Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Christine & Katie -sisters and friends

I took my sister to the airport this afternoon.  I'm always sad to see her go.  This trip she was here for 3+ days.  It felt way to short.  As my only sibling, Katie, has been my friend, playmate and sometimes adversary since she was born when I was 16 months old.  Being around her makes me a better person - except in math since I had her "helping" with my homework starting when I was in 2nd grade and she was in Kindergarten ;)
Katie lights up the room when she walks in.  She is a great storyteller and a fantastic business woman.  I'm so proud of the work she does in the world.  Katie is the founder and owner of Numen Development a company that is a design and development firm focused on creating innovative spaces that are structurally, financially, and environmentally efficient!  All of her designs utilize re-purposed shipping containers as their primary structure. You should check out her website and some of the awesome things she has built!
This trip we had fun with Mom and Dad in town they were here from Texas and Katie was here from Colorado.  We celebrated Katie's upcoming birthday, took long overdue family photos, worked on some marketing materials for my retreats, went thrift store shopping for amazing finds (one of Katie's many super powers) and had a chance to talk.  She is the type of friend that listens, gives great advice and great hugs when you need them.  We also had a chance to go river running together and I laughed so hard I cried - especially when we raced around the indoor river (against the super current) by hopping on one foot!
We haven't always been such good friends.  There were years when we drove each other crazy and 2 days was the max before we had a spat and needed space.  Now it feels like 2 days is just a warm up and way too short of time spent together.  Over the years we have realized how much we have in common :) I love that our friendship is deepening as we get older and I am so thankful to have her in my life.
Lest you think she's perfect - she's horrible at reading blogs so she'll probably never see this tribute but I felt like I needed to share since I am missing her so much tonight!

What is your favorite sibling memory?

I love this picture and hope that Alex and Sammie end up as great of friends as Katie and I


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