Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creating Thursday

Just home from the Thursday night opening of the Interplay secrets weekend being held at Pine Lake.  It was delightful!  There were over 20 people to kick off the weekend including  +Hallelujah Truth Ruth!  What a great night and event.  I have to head off to bed since the alarm rings so early in the morning but I wanted to write a bit for the blog since we're still in Blogtoberfest and I'm on a roll.

Here's a blurb about Saturday night and if you're local I hope you can come and see Performing the Book and as a bonus (ha ha) see me dance :)

Just back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival author and improvisational artist Sheila K. Collins, Ph.D. reads and performs themes suggested by her book, Warrior Mother, assisted by members of the Atlanta Interplay community.

Join Atlanta InterPlay this Saturday, October 26th, in Pine Lake, Georgia, for a potluck with InterPlay co-founder, Cynthia Winton-Henry, and book performance led by Sheila K. Collins of InterPlay Pittsburgh.

The potluck begins at six o'clock and is open to friends and family of Atlanta InterPlay participants and those interested in learning more about InterPlay. Be sure to bring a covered dish so there will be enough food for everyone.

Then stay for the seven o'clock performance of Sheila Collins newly p
ublished book, Warrior Mother: Fierce Love, Unbearable Love, and Rituals that Heal. With the help of participants enrolled in "Secrets of InterPlay," Sheila K. Collins will use the tools of InterPlay to develop readings from her book.

7:00 Book Performance

Pine Lake Clubhouse

462 Clubhouse Dr., Pine Lake, GA 30072

*Please note: the exact address can be hard to find through GPS! From Rockbridge Rd., turn L. onto Clubhouse Dr., you will run straight into the Pine Lake Clubhouse, a light green building with a wrap-around porch.

Questions? Call Atlanta InterPlay leader, Jennifer Denning at 404-272-0848.  


  1. We are having such a wonderful time, aren't we Christine! I'm so thankful for InterPlay bringing us together! More fun to come!