Saturday, October 5, 2013

Creating a Snippet Saturday Blog

Saturday's in the fall...always so much fun to be had.  This morning started off with me snapping a picture of the back of Alex's 3D door now that it is installed down at the Duluth Town Green.  Check out this amazing project for Habitat for Humanity of Duluth -  Art for purpose project .  

The backside of Alex's "trapped" door

I was there at dawn on my way to a breakfast with the Duluth High School Orchestra volunteers setting up for our annual Cow Patty Bingo Fundraiser.

That is one small, furry cow

Cow Patty Bingo is a fun event which includes some fun furry animals....

Alpaca Petting

 We made it home in time to take a deep breath and check on the chicken tortilla soup that's being made for tonight's art night :)  I looked up from the computer and saw this cool sight.....

Sunlight shining through some of Alex's paintings
Art Night is an event we host on a monthly basis (now that school is back in session) where friends can come over to hang out and create something.  You can bring your own project, help a friend with a project, use some of the supplies we have on hand &/or just sit and chat.  The only rule is it's a safe, positive place to create - which means no critiquing - we are creating art to create (and to hang out with some really cool folks!).

So I'm hitting publish so I can pull out the supplies and snacks and get ready for a fun night.

I'll post pics tomorrow :)




  1. What a fun night you are going to all the photos. Alex's art is incredible...

  2. What a great idea! Wish I could come! May have to start this in NY.