Thursday, September 25, 2014

Creating a loving tribute

Dear friends,

Today is my Nanny’s 87th birthday.  

Lila Ruth Scott

I was going to write a poem or a story and have thought about her all day.  But as the day wraps I think I will just tell you a few things about this delightful woman I love.

She is the mother of 4
Grandmother of 6
Great grandmother of 10
And Great, great grandmother of 2.

A depression child who knows how to feed a family on food she grew herself whether it is fresh from the garden or lovingly harvested and canned for the lean times.  She collects plastic bowls like they are gold because she understands recycling and how somebody might be able to use it someday.

Lila at 16

My grandmother met her soul mate at the age of 16, married him at 18 and continues to love him even though he died 12 years ago.  She and Papa were shining examples for commitment, patience and love being an action word.   They were married for 57 years.

Ruth kissing Norman (Papa)

My Nanny was a homemaker.  She raised her 4 kids on homemade food, hand sewn clothes and snuggled them in quilts she made until her hands started to shake so bad she had to stop.  

When I was a child I loved to watch her hang up laundry on the clothesline with the strong Texas sun willing to dry the sheets with the sweet smell of honeysuckle in the background of their small 4 1/2 acre farm.

When I was in elementary school my sister and I would get off the bus and run all the way to the “big” farm house (vs. the ‘little” house where we lived) with the dogs joyfully nipping at our heals.

Nanny and Papa's 50th wedding celebration with their family
Nanny would greet us with fresh ice box cookies warm from the oven and a tall glass of cold milk.  We would all sit and eat our cookies and watch Nanny’s show that was on (I think after school it was As the World Turns).

Nanny taught us to cook comfort foods that continue to sooth my soul in times of need.

She is famous for her Pecan Pie and Snow Biscuits.
Nanny loves flowers, traveling and her family most of all.

Nanny with her four grown kids

I am so lucky to have this loving woman in my life.  I spoke with her on the phone earlier today to sing her happy birthday and hear all about who had called her so far.  Our talks can be a little challenging over the phone.  Nanny wears two hearing aids and even with them has a hard time understanding. My heart is in Texas tonight - on an East Texas farm and I wish I was there playing cards with her and probably getting stomped, unless I was lucky enough to be her partner!

Wrapping you around with infinite love and cherished memories,



  1. This is such a lovely tribute to your Nanny. It's so interesting for I can't help but compare her life to my mom who celebrated her 92nd birthday just yesterday. Your Nanny sounds very much like my Nanny who passed away a good 30 years ago. She was a wonderful baker, chef and knitter. My mom is the first to admit that she loathes cooking or sewing. She is a wonderful artist and pours her energy into that these days. Bless your Nanny for actually wearing hearing aids. Mom should. Our phone conversations are truly interesting! Me shouting and her responding "What did you say? Your sun is smushed?" Two very different gals and I think we are both truly blessed. Happy, Happy Birthday to your Nanny. May she have many, many more.

    1. Thanks Kelly! We've had many of those fun and frustrating conversations - including the one where after I told her I didn't know if my sister was coming to Thanksgiving she started calling everyone in the family and telling them she (my sister) was engaged - lol!

  2. Happy birthday to a fabulous woman. What a sweet post.

    1. Thanks Amy - I'm pretty biased but I do think she's fabulous!

  3. What a heartwarming post. All the best birthday wishes to your grandma!

    1. Thanks Harmony! I think she had a great day :)

  4. Christine, what a lovely gift to you Granny Lila. And my eyes widened when I read east Texas. I lived in Denton, TX for 4 years. You brought back memories of wide-open air, farm and ranch land, oh--and the wildflowers.

    1. Love the willdflowers! - I grew up in Lancaster, TX (south of Dallas) and my dad graduated from North Texas in Denton :)

  5. this is a wonderful tribute to you Granny - she sounds alot like my mom who made everything from scratch and actually made probably 90% of my clothes. Hope she had a wonderful day

  6. Lovely tribute to your Nanny.