Monday, September 9, 2013

Seeking a daily creative project....

Today has been a busy day full of tasks.  Several important things have gotten accomplished and I started back with my Master's swim class for the first time in 3 months.  

When I thought about what I wanted to blog about today the mundane tasks seemed too boring and I realized that I hadn't had much fun today.

So I went in search of a daily creative project to post about :)
I looked around at what needed sprucing up as I prepare for out-of-town guests this weekend and I noticed the stars and moon sculpture that my dear friend, Cheryl, gave me years ago and that I still adore.

Before Picture
Joe pulled up in the driveway as I was working on it and watched me paint as he finished up a conference call.
He got out to take a peek but couldn't take it because of my "technique."  I laughed-today my purpose was a quick spruce and completed project - no perfection needed!

He was a sweetie and helped me put it back up - it took two of us - I captured a picture when he was trying to get a leaf off that had "stuck" since it was still wet (gasp) when I requested it be put back up.
Joe my super helpful husband :)
 The project was fun and quick (completed with the spray paint I had in the garage) and what I call a productive procrastination :)  Now back to cleaning the house!

The spruced up Stars and Moon - they shine again!

I hope you're having an incredible Manifesting Monday.




  1. It is great when we decide to change a mundane day into a nice if not great one by being and by doing instead of letting the time go by and bemoaning it was a wasted day...Good job on getting your sun and moon back in space...They look great and even better they were done with available materials...

    Thanks for following my is so fun for me to read others...

  2. I love this yard sculpture! Great to see the way you shifted your energy!