Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Fun

A few of my scouts at sunrise on Tybee Island
 As fall fast approaches I want to take a moment to give gratitude for the amazing summer we had.  It was a summer full of family, friends and fun! One of the highlights was a girl scout trip to Savannah and Tybee Island followed by out of town guests/friends from Texas.  I was downloading pictures yesterday from my phone and it brought back sweet memories that I thought I would share today.  (the blogging and picture story being my daily creative practice)  

One of the many beautiful sunrises we captured during this trip!

Alex's Henna tattoo of a dolphin she did herself :)

Crossing the bridge in Charleston S.C. after leaving Tybee island/Savannah

Chris, Sula and Rachel (Bekka no shown) our sweet friends from Texas

Very cool giant Elephants we found on our journey to S.C.

The Angel Oak Tree in SC - a 1500+ year old tree we detoured 6 hours to see :)

My foot touching the ancient tree and saying hello
One of the many pictures from aquarium that I love


  1. Sweet images! I love your feet touching the tree!

  2. Ruth - We got there after the "visitor center" had closed so we were behind a fence looking at this magnificent tree. I almost cried (we had detoured hours to touch this tree) and then I thought wait a minute no way can a fence hold this ancient in and as I looked around and down I found one root poking up beside me :) I was thrilled that I was able to say hello in a more physical way!