Saturday, September 21, 2013

Creating Space to Play

What a Super Saturday!  Today was the Norcross Interplay playshop that Jennifer Denning came up from Atlanta to Faciliate!  We had a terrific group including a teenager and my sweet husband, Joe.  Sammie was present for an hour before she had to take off for another activity.  During that time she took photographs which are delightful.  

One of my favorites that Sammie took during a swing form I think

Joe and I during a walk, run, stop, lean form

 In Interplay there is a form that I love called "I could talk about."  This is where you say what you could talk about without going into detail.  So today on this rainy snuggly Saturday I could talk about....

....Meeting new friends and old and connecting with them in wonderful ways

....Seeing an amazing dad dressed as Batman for his son's birthday party

....My favorite dark chocolate bar from Sweetriot

....My kids who amaze me everyday

....All of the books that I want to read

....How grateful I am for my friends who came out for Interplay today

....My Saturday morning Yoga
....the to-do lists that I'm ignoring on purpose today

I could talk about those things....but I won't!
Gratitude for you,



  1. hope you have a great day tomorrow.
    would love to go to a yoga or zumba class with you
    your friend
    Heidi Heiberg

  2. Heidi - I would love that too! One of my favorite Zumba classes is at the Y on Tuesday night 7-8 - I don't always make it due to the time and kid conflicts. I usually do my yoga at home but I'd love to catch a class with you sometime!