Sunday, September 15, 2013

Painting? Painting! Creating Mixed Media Art...

Purple canvas to build on

Last year we started holding art nights once a month at our home.  The idea was to have a space/time for people to come and create.  The only rule was that you had to be positive (leave the critiquing at the door).  It is a place to have fun, make art and hang out with cool people!  People painted, crocheted, knitted, drew and sometimes just witnessed others making art.  I loved it!!  We've gotten out of the habit over the summer due to travel schedules and such but even as I write this post I realize how much I need one put on the calendar.  Yes I said NEED.  I need art and I enjoy having a dedicated time and place to create so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle of daily tasks.  Lately I have been blogging daily (thank you to you amazing people who are reading it) and I am loving this process of creation too.  This blogging is opening up parts of myself that have been put on the back burner for way too long.   You see I have been wanting to become a painter &/or a mixed media artist.  I have been in love with an artist for over 18 years, both my children are artist...I'm surrounded.  Recently I noticed I keep drawing other artists into my world...I LOVE it!  Last Christmas I dabbled with painting and came up with this...

I tried to get this rotated but it wouldn't work :(

 I want to add a bow through the loop on the ornament for it to be "finished."  Yes it's cheesy but it was my first painting and it makes me smile.

Daily I am seeing the amazing art work coming out of friends and family and I am itching to create.  I have an idea.  I have been looking around and thinking about what it is that I want to paint/create.  What genre?  What niche? I asked my dreams for inspiration before I went to bed one night last week and an idea came to me.  I think it is a good one. Now to manifest it into reality by taking the first step.  Today I looked around and found a purple canvas that I painted on at one of the spring art nights.   I love purple.  I think this will be my base.  I'll keep you posted on what I come up with as the week progresses :)

 I hope you are having a soul satisfying Sunday!


Mandala from Art night


  1. I am excited to read you are going forth with a dream and I love the purple canvas. Looking forward to seeing it progress... :)

  2. Ya Hoo! What a vision! And I can see that we are all influencing one another! Darlene's creation of the goddess was very inspirational. Christine, you have all it takes to go a painting and to keep painting.

    One thought...take Jes Gordon's intuitive painting workshop on Sunday October hours of painting! Are you interested!

  3. Very interested Ruth! I may have a conflict with my girl scout troop - I'm going to see what I can do!