Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creating Competence

Joe's creative picture :) of my phone taking a picture of the girls and I with Soyinka!  

Today we said goodbye to my new friend, Soyinka Rahim who was flying back to Pittsburgh after her visit to Atlanta.   Before she left we took a quick trip down to the Chattahoochee River to soak in the peace and tranquility that awaits visitors at the park 2 miles from my house.  We enjoyed watching the Geese and Ducks and relishing in the beautiful sound of the water rushing over the shoals.  It was delightful!

Later in the day my friend Cheryl called and asked if I'd go on a bike ride with her at our favorite trail - The Big Creek Greenway.  I've been itching to get on my bike and since the girls are out with friends tonight and was excited to be able to say yes!!!  When we got to the Greenway I noticed that my back tire which I aired up before we left the house was not looking right.  I added a little more air and off we went.  I quickly realized that Bella (my bike) was not riding right - yep - that tire was going flat.  I sent Cheryl on her way as I headed back to her car and the pump before I replaced the tire.  I have been a serious cyclist for over 4 years now.  Today was the first time that I changed the back tire on my bike by myself - yeah me!!!  I had some sweet little kid helpers who were asking me questions about the process which made it fun and entertaining as I had some of those questions myself :)  Joe has shown me several times how it was done so I knew with some patience I could make it happen.  The tire was on the back so more was involved than just fixing the tube - it also included dealing with the chain and so forth.  You can see by the picture below that it was a messy job :)  

My messy hand :)

The repaired back wheel of Bella :)

What have you done that's new and challenging lately?  

Competent & Content,


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