Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creating a Great Day

Vermillion is the color of the beautiful sunrise I saw last Friday

 Today has been a terrific Thursday!  It started off with a quick am forward bend Yoga routine, followed by morning routine/carpool, which led to walking around the lake with my friend and running buddy, Heather.  After a quick dash to help a friend who need a ride I headed to my weekly Course in Miracles Group.  

I made it in time for a wonderful meditation.  One of the things that came to my while meditating was about my purple canvas and putting the sun that I saw at sunrise last Friday up in the top right corner.  Now you have to know that the sun was spectacular - one of the things that made it so was the color.  Now I know that the color can be called Vermillion.  I pulled out the paints and searched :)
Then I decided I was on a roll so I started playing with the size and position of the Heron that I want to be on the canvas.  There is more to come as I explore becoming a mixed media artist.  
Experimenting with the location/position/size of the Heron

On another note I am in Love with Ghee!  It's a new find for me from the Dekalb farmer's market and I have to say it is delightful on sweet potatoes!  Tonight I was rattling around the kitchen in a lullaby voice singing, "Where oh, where, is my Ghee" and I hear Alex (15) from the living room..."Last time I saw it - it was chasing H!"  Ha Ha - I love that girl's sense of humor and stage timing!

I am in Love with Ghee!
 In yet another random side note here are the daily doodles from afternoon carpool as I wait on the 6th graders.  I was thinking of blog idea and playing passing the time (and also having a backup for my daily creative practice).
Daily Creative Doodles from Carpool
 In a very random note - sometimes my phone startles me....

I am startled by the number of alerts I have from Groupon!!!

I hope you have had a lovely Thursday - I am enjoying the start of Fall here in Georgia and look forward to my perfect sleeping weather (61 degrees)




  1. I love that you are adding a vermillion sun to your purple canvas and the heron will look wonderful..Are you going to add the heron with the paper making it a mixed media or will you be painting it on. So many possibilities...Can't wait to see the end result.

  2. Darlene - I think I'm going to add it with the paper to make it mixed media - plus I think it would challenge my skills too much to paint it on. I envisioned the heron from a photograph and then words will be added too to give the animal its totem elements. So what I'm thinking is a new type of animal totem painting will emerge.