Tuesday, February 4, 2014


This picture was taken at Panther Creek Trail in North Georgia July 2012

After reading my friend +Darlene Sperber's post on Revering the Ancient
and the comments I was inspired to find some poems I wrote years ago during a women's retreat.

At the time it was written we were meditating on giant boulders on my friend's ranch in Texas and the wind was whipping by.

I hope you enjoy them this morning - I enjoyed revisiting them.

The Rocks
by Christine Gautreaux

Oh strong one
Standing firm
Resting on Mother Earth
and basking in the Sun and Father Sky.
You are a shelter
Up above and down below
Your house is covered in
beautiful moss green carpet
welcoming generations upon generations
Watching time pass
Moment by moment
bearing the missteps of the two leggeds and the four leggeds
and the gale forces of mother nature
through it all remaining
who you are

by Christine Gautreaux

Wind Whipping
Lashing out
Free me of my fears
and inhibitions.
Release Aphrodite within me
So she will sing and laugh
and dance naked on your mountaintop!
Wind, Caress me
with your soft touch,
gentle whispers and basking breeze.
So I may know tenderness
and peace.
Wind, Remind me that
I can fly.
With you, in you, around you
and even in spite of you, Wind.