Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creating moments to notice

The morning twilight :)
A shadowy sign amidst the sunrise

This morning a was given many signs to slow down and "notice."  I confess to being in an slightly agitated state due to reading the abuse story of someone I love, having a 16 year old daughter whom I adore not speaking to me and having to take the youngest to the dentist first thing this morning. 

Thank goodness for routines and mother nature - both tend to keep me sane.

When I was doing my yoga this morning and I was in a downward dog position Roley Poley one of the cats waltzed right under me with her tail high enough in the air to tickle my tummy as she sauntered by :)

High school car pool always starts in the dark and this morning there was fog too.  I wish I had gotten a picture.  It was beautiful and reminding me to "trust in the mystery" and the words of  my friend +Cynthia Winton-Henry floated through my mind, "More will be revealed..."

The other thing that came to me as I was driving through the fog are the lessons that it teaches us...

Slow down...you don't have to stop moving forward but pay attention...

Two songs spoke to me this morning too...

Aloe Blacc's "Wake Me Up" and John Lennon's "Let it Be."

I had to laugh when "Let it Be" came on.  I was thinking about my relationship with my teenager.  I know so much of it is developmental and what is supposed to be happening but so much of me wants to "fix it."

Just a wisp of fog was left by the time I made it to
I stopped at the Lake on the way home from dropping Sammie off at school after the dentist to breath in some peace and take a moment to "Let it Be."