Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creating a Productive day and Celebrating a friend!

The start to the day was grey on the morning trip to the HS
 Today has been a "hit the ground running" day since I woke up at 4:50am (ps. that is waaay to early).  It started with a great session of am yoga and then I was off!  There were only grey skies on the morning trip to the HS so no gorgeous sunrise to report - Mother nature knew I didn't have time to stop and marvel this morning :)Went to see the Dr. for bloodwork and biometrics for insurance - I'm looking forward to getting the results on Monday and comparing them to last years since I have officially been doing the Paleo lifestyle for over a year now.  Joe and I had breakfast together afterwards since we both had to go and we had been fasting since midnight.  It was a nice treat :)  I'm prepping for an International Festival for our Duluth Girl Scout's Service Unit which is tomorrow night.  Our troop is representing Guatemala.  So a friend and mom in the troop is from Guatemala  went with me to the Farmer's Market to get the supplies she needed to cook some authentic food for our booth.  More errands, phone calls and "stuff" taken care of amounted to a very productive day.  It still has a ways to go since I have a Coaches/Parent's Meeting tonight for the Volleyball teams I coach at the YMCA and then it's off to Alex's Philharmonic Orchestra Concert at the High school which is always a treat to listen too.

The beautiful flowers in +Ellen McCorkle 's yard that greeted me on Tuesday

Where was my DCP?  Today it will be this blog, listening to wonderful classical music tonight and a quick shout out to my friend +Ellen McCorkle  for our terrifically fun and creative Tuesday.  Ellen is a master potter and lets me play in her Garagio with her.  

Here is part of what I created on Tuesday - not sure why the pic came in upside down :)

She is also a fabulous cook who spoils me rotten and I LOVE it :)  I'm so lucky to have her in my life - she definitely helps me to be creative with clay and  food and together we have tons of fun!

The beautiful & AIP friendly lunch my friend +Ellen McCorkle  made me on Tuesday :)


  1. Christine, your day sounds like a year for me. Good thing you hit the ground running. It exhausted me just reading your activities. It's like getting tired watching somebody else work. It's a measure of how engaged you are in relation to how disengaged I am. About needed a nap after reading it. As we say in the hills, "I'm jist a-pickin." Meaning it's in fun, I'm not being serious. Beautiful pictures you posted with it.

    1. TJ - :) last week was a hibernating winter week and this week has felt more like spring!!