Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creating a good day from grumpiness :)

This is what I felt like this morning - this was a painting Alex did months ago in protest :)
 Good morning friends,

Yesterday and today I have been struggling with being grumpy.  I think it's one of those fun combos of hormones, my body is healing from upping my exercise and I've had too many tasks that had to get completed so I've had less time for creativity and just being.  This morning I woke up feeling physically better so I wanted to consciously shift my mood.

I did my morning Rodney Yee's AM Yoga routine and enjoyed the forward bends even though I wanted to skip it :)

The sky was pink and so clear you could see the mountains in the distance - mmmmm
High school carpool went smoothly - However there was no outrageous beauty to capture in a picture (like some mornings) yet there was some 'everyday' things to be grateful for....a clear sky, the sun and the mountains in the distance.

When I got home I was still a little cranky - I think the return to freezing cold again this morning contributed.  I was thinking of sure fire ways to shift into a better place of gratitude so I cranked up Karen Drucker's The Heart of Healing   album.  Dancing around to "Thank you for this Day" did the trick!  I love all of her music and her song The Healing Song really spoke to me this morning too :)

I want to say, "Thankyou!  I am so grateful for each of you who read my blog, leave comments and send me your love." 

I'm hoping this morning sustains me as I journey into this Thursday which includes a trip to the dentist for a cleaning and check up.

What are you grateful for today?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and healing thoughts my friends,



  1. Christine, regarding attitude - shift happens, and it seems like you are honoring the grumpiness and I find the moment I embrace rather than resist, that shift takes place. One day in Disneyworld, my youngest granddaughter had her eyes on the ground, wouldn't look up for photos, was grumpy as can be. We went into one of the shops, and she handed me a sweatshirt and said, "Gram, I like this one for you!" It was Grumpy! I wear it a lot because it makes people grin. I am grateful Grumpy has such a sweet spot in my heart.

    1. What a great story Lee! Isn't it so true - leaning in helps dissipate it :)

    2. AND I wish I had that shirt for my trip to the Dentist today ;) it would be perfect!!!!

  2. This morning handing carrot chunks to the donkeys, Jenny went for her carrot, looked me in the eye with a pesky look and consciously bit my finger, took it about half way up, just a touch, her eyes saying, Gotcha! She wanted to see me jump. I laughed, grateful Jenny is free enough with me now to play tricks.