Saturday, February 8, 2014

Creating a healing day

2nd Sat. Interplay Group Photo  - Picture taken by
Callahan Pope McDonough
 Today has been delightful.  It started with a great night's sleep last night and the opportunity to sleep in a little this morning.
Joe and I headed off to play with +Jennifer Denning  and the Atlanta Interplay group at the Mask center this morning.
We participated in the play shop and then stayed for the performance troupe play period too.
It was wonderful to connect with some amazing people and get to play together.  Some favorites were present (waving at Ruth & Tony) as were some new faces.
The girls enjoyed hanging out at home with friends and chilling out on this beautiful Saturday.
On the way home Joe and I stopped at the Dekalb Farmer's Market for a quick lunch at their cafe which Joe had never been too.
 We made it home in time to take a quick power nap before my friend Sharon came over.
Sharon is in town from Texas and she is getting her certification in EFT.  Emotional Freedom Technique.  Let me tell you - FABULOUS!!!

Joe and I both had a session and I highly recommend it to all.   So fun to catch up with a friend and have a healing session too.
Now it's time for a nice dinner and some hanging out time with the whole family. 

My whole body is relaxed and happy :)

Wishing you health and wellness my friends,



  1. It was so much fun playing with you today! I'm so glad that Joe got a chance to eat lunch at the Farmer's Market. Very curious about your sessions today and want to know more!

    1. For sure Ruth - let's talk - I was actually thinking about you and EFT :)