Saturday, February 1, 2014

Creating a Bake Off

Today was my girl scout troops annual bake off and parent meeting.  Every year we gather and the girls bake recipes designated from the scouts at their level - this year Cadettes.  Their choices where Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, Novelty Banana Cake or Apple Pie.  10 of the 16 girls participated so there were lots of yummy treats for the parents to enjoy after the meeting and judging.  


The 1st place spatula trophy Sammie won in her category for her Novelty Banana

The girls led the meeting and presented all the parts:  The pledge, the promise, badges we've earned and we're working on, community service, upcoming camping trips, cookie goals and sales and the calendar for the remainder of the year.  Then we passed around the talking stick and did a round of Glows and Grows.  Where each person got to say one thing they loved about our troop (a glow) and one thing they would like to add or change (a grow).

My co-leader made three amazing creative trophies this year for the 1st place winners.  One was a spatula, a spoon and a wooden fork.  Sammie brought home one for her entry in the Novelty Banana Cake category. 

So tonight I am a proud momma in so many ways!  For my Sammie (my youngest daughter) and all of my Girl Scouts that shined today!



  1. What a great troop leader you are. Scouts are a lot different then when I was in as a young girl, (one kind of cookie at $0.25 a box) and when I was a leader...Juniors and Seniors were the top two groups...Your meetings sound so well organized and fun...We had the Mother and Daughter Style Show and the Father and Daughter Banquet...Our two biggies for the year...Do you have either of those...any way...Congrats to you as a mom and a leader and to Sammie for her cake...Bet it was yummy...

  2. It's a ton of fun Darlene! We do a kids talent show and fashion show in our service unit that my troop usually participates in and they have a sweetheart dinner and dance for the dads and daughters. They keep me hopping. It's a terrific group of girls and parents and I enjoy glowing and growing with them :)