Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Creating a terrific Tuesday...

Welcome friends,

I want to share all kinds of wonderful stories from today it was so yummy AND my body is very clearly telling me it's tired and time to rest.  So today I will let the pictures speak for me and hopefully tomorrow be able to write more.

The Clouds this morning were fabulous!

I felt like I was driving in a Van Gogh painting

I love this pic - do you see the bird?

Here the sun is coming up and greeting the sky
One last one - aren't they yummy!

This morning I went downtown (my sweetheart dropped me off) to hear my friend +Hallelujah Truth 

I got to go to C4 Atlanta for the first time - such a cool space!!!

+Hallelujah Truth  Ruth did a great talk on The Artist's Daily Blog

Beautiful artwork in the underground Marta tunnel - I took the train back to the suburbs
It was a beautiful day and it looks like tomorrow my daffodils may bloom!

 I hope you had a terrific Tuesday too!  What were you up too?

Wrapping you around with infinite love and wisdom today and always,



  1. incredible cloud pictures. I said I've seen unusual clouds this year, but nothing like this. These make awesome sound like a word that's never been used before.

  2. Dear friend! Love the variety and beauty of the photos. They seem to be expressing the YOU, nonverbally. So thankful for YOU and YOUR support today at my talk on the Artist's Blog! BIG LOVE SIS!

  3. Thanks Ruth - I loved getting to come hear you speak - still processing all that you spoke about and looking forward to starting the blog-a-thon!