Monday, February 17, 2014

How do I....

Waiting at a long light I tried to capture a glimpse of this morning's beauty

 How do I capture this morning and all the beauty it contained?  It couldn't be with my camera since I was driving 5 teenagers to school during the majority of it.  So I did my best to breath it in.  I was aware of the multitude of colors that greeted my thirsty senses after the grey ice storm of last week.  This morning there was a palette of colors including lavender, sky blue, pink, and orange in all different shades.  There were some wispy clouds which added depth and shadows to the imminent sunrise.  It made me long to be a painter or a professional photographer who had the tools of the trade to capture the essence that was starting my day.  In the air you could breath in possibilities and beauty.  What a terrific combination.     It gave me the feeling that anything was possible today and whatever I chose it would be perfect.  
Here comes the Sun :)

An almost full waning moon greeting the Sun too :)

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  1. I find this blog entry dreamy and beautiful! Thank you.