Monday, February 10, 2014

Creating Happy

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Happy Haiku
Happiness abounds
paying attention is good
gratitude is great!

This was the group pic of family and friends who came out to support me for my 40th bday and 1st triathlon 3 years ago!

This is a pic my friend Liz took on an adventure at Lake Lanier Islands 2 summers ago

After such a great day Saturday I was surprised by a blah Sunday.  There were definitely some good things about it but I went to bed feeling blah and a lack of enthusiasm for the day especially since I didn't get out into nature and the day was so beautiful - I was "shoulding" all over myself.

So today is a new day.  The music video -  "Happy" greeted me in my news feed this morning with a terrific reminder.  
This picture makes me happy for so many reasons... We were in Germany at our friend's house, playing Kinect for the first time with their girls and holy cow look at the air I got on that jump!!!

This is a quick gratitude list of what makes me happy (in no particular order) -

  • AM Yoga
  • Greeting the sunrise with prayers of gratitude
  • My connection to God/Great Spirit
  • Flylady routines
  • Connecting with friends and family
  • Exercising Daily
  • Clean Eating
  • Dancing & Singing
  • Interplay
  • Daily Creative Practice
  • Writing/Journaling/Blogging 
  • Healing
  • Being of Service
  • Long Hugs
  • Good Sleep
  • Great Sex
  • Nature, nature, nature
  • Beautiful flowers
  • Lists :) Especially this one :)

What makes you Happy? 

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