Monday, December 30, 2013

Creating with Company

So today has been a fun and busy day since my friend Bridget arrived yesterday on her way from TX to NY.  

This morning I had my regular Manifesting Monday Meeting which is always fun and productive and the ideas are flying since we're wrapping up the old year and about to ring in the New Year. 

We had a girl party and watched "The Holiday."

I ran down to Ellen's and worked on the edges of two pieces that are about to go in the kiln.

The rectangular dish that I prepped for firing today

The bowl on the right is Sammies :)

 Bridget dragged me out to shop (Insert gasp here) for a couple of things for her apt.
Affirmations for the approaching New Year

I worked on a couple of affirmations/watercolors to post for the Daily Creative Practice Countdown.

#2 for the Daily Creative Practice countdown :)

Now I'm ready for bed.

So I will wish you all a good night.


P.S.  This is the Workbook I'm filling out tomorrow in prep for the New Year.