Thursday, December 26, 2013

Creating the day after Christmas

An electronic collage

 It's been a relaxed day around the Gautreaux Gang Hideout...

Joe and I went to Zumba this morning.  We braved At&t to take care of some business for Alex.  I also had a friend call me who was cleaning out her garage and invite me to come check out some "treasures!"  Later this evening we got to say "Happy Birthday" to our friend and neighbor Tom.
I was able to be creative and chill out too :)  I love holiday breaks when there is no set schedule!  I was planning on getting some organization done today but alas there is always tomorrow!!!  Hope you all are having a great day!!!

One of my favorite FB statuses today:

Happy First Day of Kwanza! Today we contemplate the spirit of Umoja: Unity. One Tribe! One Planet! One Love! We ARE the Body Human: embrace it, embrace each other! When a hug approaches 20seconds, it becomes therapeutic. 10 hugs a day supports healing & growth. In the spirit of Umoja...I'm reopening my Hug Therapy practice!!!

Wishing you Umoja today,


Here are two scarves I completed!

A treasure for my G.S. Camping Kit :)

One of the bubble lights on our friends' tree - brings back such great memories of my childhood!

The collage I started this evening....

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